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02 Mar

Since deciding to start my own business around six weeks ago, it sure has been a steep learning curve. There’s the all-important trip to the accountant to setup the business name, ABN/ACN, GST registration and other tax BS; as well as reading booklet after booklet on small business taxation, looking after employees and insuring everything against anything.

Just when you think you’ve got your head around all the nitty gritty, boring-as-hell business stuff – and that you can now get on with the fun part of actually working, developing and growing – you realise there’s even more of the boring stuff that needs taking care of. It’s at times like those that you understand the benefits of working for someone else. An important point to reinforce though is that those moments are fleeting.

There is much joy and satisfaction to be had by working for yourself. One need simply work through the tedious moments to experience the heady, smiling moments when you’re sailing head first into a piece of paid work where you also get to be creative. Does life get any better than 100+dB of metal pounding your ear drums as you pen a 7000 word article on the emerging automotive trends for 2010 from the comfort of your own home office?

Sure, I’m expecting that the theory about small businesses failing to make profit in the first three years will turn out to be true. However, so long as I make enough to pay the rent and put food in my mouth, I’ll be pretty bloody happy. I left a high-paying, high-stress job for this life of relative freedom – this self-regulated working life. I do as much, or as little as I want.

As much as it bugs my girl, I tend to do too much. Always have and probably always will. I would imagine that this sounds like a familiar story to many self-employed people out there.

So, consider this to be me giving myself a toast for the end of the first six weeks and a pep talk for the next. I can already tell that 2010 is going to be a very interesting year.

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  1. Alison says:

    Hey Ben, really pleased to hear that you’re now self employed, must be awesome! I’ve always wanted to work for myself but have absolutely no idea what I would do. Best wishes to you and your new business venture! Al

  2. Jane says:

    Hey Ben
    I think you’ll really hit your stride now. If anyone can succeed in their own business it will be you, diversely talented. It’s probably good that you already know stress from the corporate side so hopefully you won’t stress too much on your own. The fact you did the ‘Clean up’ gig today is an indication that you are covering other elements of life apart from just ‘making money’. Even though you’ve had some shit happen in the last year I feel it has been a good learning process, sorry if I sound patronising (don’t mean to)!!!! I know the word ‘holistic’ is overused but i think it is an effective way to live one’s life and it seems to make things balance sometimes. Go boy! (doesn’t sound as good as ‘go girl! does it!!???!!?) love Jane

  3. benhosking says:

    Thanks for the nice reply, Jane. It means a lot to have comments like that come from someone who’s been there and done it. I’m lucky to have Tess for many reasons, but at the moment she’s definitely helping me to avoid workaholism and the older I get, the more satisfaction I seem to get out of community service and helping others.

  4. benhosking says:

    Hey Alison! Thanks for the comment! We haven’t spoken in ages. I hope you and Guy are well!

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