Plant Tour: A Look Inside Holden's Elizabeth Plant (circa 2006)

25 Mar

I was digging through a bunch of old files looking for stuff for my portfolio when I came across these old pics I took with my mobile phone during a press launch for the launch of the VE back in 2006.

Most of these images were never used anywhere, but they’re interesting for anyone who loves Commodores or wonders what it’s like inside a state-of-the-art vehicle assembly plant. They show quite a bit of detail, including Holden’s then-new rebuilt process line and what at the time was never-before-seen HSV VE front guard treatments.

They also feature the last of the VZ utes to roll through the production line, some wearing VE colours like Ignition. I hope you find them interesting.

There’s about 50 images in total that are free for personal ute only. CLICK HERE to see the entire gallery:

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4 Responses

  1. Andrea Matthews says:

    Hi Ben – great pics…

    Look forward to showcasing the plant once again when we have Cruze running down the line 🙂


  2. Ben Hosking says:

    Not bad for a hand-held mobile, I guess! I like to think it’s more about the story they tell than the sharpness and grain content! hah
    People love this kind of stuff. You should hook Liam up with a trip down there with a shooter so they can run a story in Street Commodores.

  3. Jan Auricht says:

    Hi was just wondering how we go about organizing a tour of Elizabeth plant and how many people do we need cheers Jan

  4. Ben Hosking says:

    Hi Jan. I’m sorry, I don’t know. I was there on a press launch for the then-new WM Statesman and Caprice.

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