Drag FAIL!: Rod Hadfield Almost Hits Starting Official in 1985

08 Apr

We found this on BangShift.com today and just had to show you.

The news piece reports that this video from the 1985 Nationals at Heathcote Park Raceway shows Rod Hadfield losing control of his ’32 Ford during a burnout on the start line, narrowly missing the starting official in the process.

We watched it a couple of times and couldn’t clearly hear his name mentioned, but we trust their judgement. Eitherway it’s a classic trip down memory lane and the official’s short-shorts are still representative of Heathcote’s safety policies even today! We kid.

Check this video out:

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  1. HotRodLibrarian says:

    I can assure you this is Rod Hadfield, and he is still friends with the starter!
    Pics of the same incident can be seen here…

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