10,000 Hits! Bring on 20,000.

01 Nov

Our blog reached 10,000 hits tonight! Sure, the site as a whole has had more hits than that and our old blog had previously reached about 5,000 – but this… this feels like a momentous occasion.

Hosking Industries was founded on February 1, 2010 and life has been speeding up ever since. After working full time in the motoring media industry for seven years before going freelance, getting back into the creative nitty gritty of the industry was like a breath of fresh air. For too long I’d (I know, I keep using ‘I’, ‘Me’ and ‘My’ AND ‘We’, ‘We’re’ and ‘Our’) been delving deeper and deeper into the management side of things. I was really missing the creative element that goes with putting magazines together: writing, shooting and getting out into the scene to talk with car owners. Then there’s the music scene…

Even before I made my first steps into the motoring media industry in 2001 or 2002, I was having a blast interviewing most of my favourite metal bands, reviewing their CDs and going to their gigs so I could inform first the Newcastle and Hunter region public and later the fledgling interwebs – well, it was fledgling for me back in 1999. Do a quick search of our blog here and I explain my old street press 27wtelve in more detail.

When I finally made the decision to start working for myself at the start of 2010, music journalism was one of the things sitting right at the front of my brain and I’ve been stoked to find myself back in the thick of things. As I type this I’m an active contributor to Lifemusicmedia.com, theAUreview.com and Reverb street press: reviewing albums and shooting gigs as well as interviewing plenty of high-profile international artists primarily from the world of metal.

As any regular visitors would know, the blog acts as a record of what Hosking Industries is up to and as the months continue to speed by we’ll be bringing you plenty more content to look at, including examples of our feature car photography. I’ve shot over a dozen cars and bikes so far and I reckon you’ll be impressed by the results so far. We’ve been shooting for Street Commodores, Xtreme Holdens, Custom Aussie Choppers, Custom Utes, Aussie Brutes, High-Performance Hotrods and Street Fords so far.

So anyway, thanks to all of you who have visited us online so far and we hope to see you back here again. We regularly keep everyone updated through Twitter and Facebook as well, so feel free to follow us there:


Take it easy!
Ben Hosking

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6 Responses

  1. James says:

    How do you define a “hit”? Is it a unique visitor? A page request? a file request? or something else entirely?

    • Ben Hosking says:

      WordPress stats seems to define them as visits, not page hits – we’ve had hundreds of thousands of those between the blog and front page. Say today so far we’ve had 100 hits: it might log 85 as landing on the front page of the blog; 5 on the post I just uploaded about the 10,000 hits; 2 on a textures post… and so on.

  2. James says:

    Wow! So if you’ve had 10k visits and “hundreds of thousands of page views” that means people view at least 20+ pages on average per visit. That’s very impressive, and WAY above the retention rate of a typical blog. Congratulations!

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