Feature Car: Ian Hallett’s Holden Rodeo Minitruck

13 May

Here is a small selection of images taken from a shoot we did recently for BAGGED magazine in Australia. It’s coming out in issue 8, due any day now. The shots were taken in Newcastle, NSW Australia in a mozzie-infested industrial area. As soon as the sun went down we were attacked!

There’s very minimal artificial lighting in these shots. In fact, only one flash was used on the back end to fill in some light in a couple of the shots. The rest are all using ambient light in the late afternoon with some wonderful cloud formations. Most of the post processing is done in Lightroom, including any filtering in the sky

You can download FREE 1280res desktop wallpapers of these images by clicking on them. Enjoy and be sure to pick up the next issue of BAGGED to check out the full shoot. CLICK HERE to view the gallery.

Ian Hallet's Holden Rodeo

Ian Hallet's Holden Rodeo Ian Hallet's Holden Rodeo

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