1990s Revival: Monster Magnet – Powertrip (c.1998)

12 Aug

They’re back! Monster Magnet return with Powertrip: a jagged yet polished, rough but shiny new album ready to rip you apart with its cool retro/heavy/rock! A mouth full perhaps; but it’s pretty accurate.

Firstly, I have to comment on the artwork, which is bloody fantastic. Glossy, bright and perfectly executed artwork full of what Monster Magnet stand for: sex, drugs and rock n roll; with lots of semi-naked women, too! I’ve never been a massive fan of the ‘Magnet, but I have always liked them and Powertrip is definitely better than the last. I strongly recommend you buy this one if you’re making your first step into Monster Magnet territory – even you metal heads, dance freaks and anyone else who listens to good music (or otherwise).

Dave Wyndorf’s voice is fantastic throughout the album and it really sets the band apart from many other crap substitutes that clog the musical arteries of the world. If psychedelic rock is on your agenda – or even if it isn’t – you’re gonna love Powertrip. Don’t forget to stay up on Friday and Saturday nights to see if you can see the Space Lord video clip on Rage, complete with Ginger Fish from Marilyn Manson‘s band.


(NOTE: These reviews were originally published in 27twelve: a ‘zine originating in Newcastle Australia in the late 1990s. They’re being published onto the internet now more as a matter of record and whimsical self interest than for any other reason and should be considered as such. Check out the ‘1990s’ category of the blog in the coming months for many more 1990s CD and live reviews.)

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