Feature Car… er, bike: Greg’s Custom Harley Chopper

17 Aug

Here’s a selection of six images Hosking Industries took of a custom Harley Davidson chopper motorcycle during a recent shoot for Wild Aussie Choppers magazine in Australia. Greg works for Hills & Co in Taree, NSW; but built this wicked machine before his tenure with the metal craftsman Justin Hills.

We didn’t use much in the way of flashes in this shoot thanks to the nice open shade of the workshop. We did use some compositing though, particularly to reflect some white up into the chrome work on some shots. The portrait uses strobes and you’ll find info on that on the relevant caption when visiting our Flickr page by CLICKING HERE. You can also download FREE wallpaper images by clicking the images below.

Greg's Custom Harley Chopper

Greg's Custom Harley Chopper Greg's Custom Harley Chopper

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