1990s Revival: Talk Show – Selt Titled (c1997)

30 Aug

Talk Show is the new band featuring three of the four members of Stone Temple Pilots, along with Ten Inch Men singer David Coutts. As you’d expect, with this much talent on board this disc was always going to be an absolute ripper and it doesn’t disappoint.

Talk how sounds and feels STP, but don’t be shocked by that because Dean DeLeo openly admits that “being the music of the ‘Pilots basically means what we write is what you get”. With Coutts fronting the band both with vocals and guitar, the album is Stone Temple Pilots through and through but with a new vocalist that reminds me strongly of Robert Plant – a fact that rubs off on the whole CD.

Songs such as Ring Twice, Hello Hello, Wash Me Down and Morning Girl all classify themselves for commercial success as do many of the other eight tracks on offer here. But for me, the highlight is definitely Peeling an Orange with its clever play on words and environmental implications thrown in for good measure. Oh, and of course, a really cool melody.

So, if you’re an STP fan or just want to hear some good, solid pop-core tunes that totally rock, then give Talk Show a listen. I personally guarantee that you’ll like it.

(NOTE: These reviews were originally published in 27twelve: a ‘zine originating in Newcastle Australia in the late 1990s. They’re being published onto the internet now more as a matter of record and whimsical self interest than for any other reason and should be considered as such. Check out the ’1990s’ category of the blog in the coming months for many more 1990s CD and live reviews.)

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