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Live Review and Gallery: Suicide Silence @ Bald Faced Stag, Sydney (10.09.11)

14 Sep

Our review and photo gallery from the recent Suicide Silence show at the Bald Faced Stag Hotel in Sydney, Australia has just been posted online at Click HERE or the image below to check it out in full.

We’ll be posting higher-resolution versions of the images onto our Flickr page as per normal after a few days, so stay tuned for the link!

Mitch Lucker, Mark Heylum, Chris Garza and the rest of the Californian deathcore band really put on a great show considering the switch to a smaller, sweatier and generally crappier venue. Despite that, we got some really good shots and we’d love to hear your thoughts on them, and the review.

Suicide Silence Live Review and Photos


Feature Car: Buddy Isaac’s 1932 Ford Roadster ‘BUD350’

12 Sep

A selection of four images from a recent photo shoot we did on Buddy Isaac’s blindingly bright orange 1932 Ford roadster for Heavy Duty Hotrods in Australia.

Buddy bought the Ford-powered rod in a complete state, however he went about refinishing it and restoring it to his own exacting standards. With a long history in the Australian modified car scene – particularly with in the small-car scene – we’re not surprised he couldn’t leave it alone!

Be sure to check out issue 10 of Heavy Duty Hotrods for the full feature story and shoot. You can download FREE desktop wallpaper versions of these images by CLICKING HERE or on the thumbs below. Enjoy!

Buddy Isaac's 1932 Ford

Buddy Isaac's 1932 Ford      Buddy Isaac's 1932 Ford

Feature Car: Nathan Puskas’ Toyota HiLux Mini Truck ‘LO11FE’

09 Sep

This is a selection of six images taken from the shoot we did on Nathan Puskas’ white Toyota HiLux mini truck for BAGGED magazine in Australia. The shoot and feature story completed by Hosking Industries comes out in issue 11, on sale shortly. Only on his P-plates, Nathan’s white truck is one of the coolest cars we’ve ever seen wearing provisional plates and boasts airbagged suspension, microsuede trim and an extensive stereo setup.

Where strobist information is relevant, you’ll find it in the captions on the images on our Flickr page by clicking the thumbnails. Most of these shots were taken with available light only.

CLICK HERE to view the entire gallery and download FREE desktop wallpaper images or click on the individual thumbs.

Nathan Puskas Toyota HiLux

Nathan Puskas Toyota HiLux      Nathan Puskas Toyota HiLux

Wicked Wednesdays: FREE High-Resolution Patina Textures

07 Sep

Yeah, we know… it’s only been a couple of weeks since our last series of high-resolution patina textures. But come on, the 2011 Taren Point Rat Day was just on again this last Father’s Day and the place was full to the brim with brilliantly rusty cars. What would you do!? Yeah, thought so. heheh

As always, Hosking Industries high-resolution texture images are FREE for personal and commercial use. However, you may not resell, repackage or redistribute these textures or generally pass them off as your own for monetary gain etc. Use them in your design projects, but don’t use them for commercial gain.

Click on the thumbnails to download the super happy-time high-res versions (you can right click and Save-As, too!):
FREE Patina Textures FREE Patina Textures FREE Patina Textures FREE Patina Textures FREE Patina Textures FREE Patina Textures

1990s Revival: Junkie XL – Saturday Teenage Kick (c1997)

06 Sep

Now this is different. A techno disc featuring rap vocals and guitar loops recorded by one of the music industry’s heaviest weights: Dino Cazares from Fear Factory! Yes, that is correct, it is actually different enough to become part of my collection; and I’m a metal head!

I believe a lot of the Triple J-listening community would have heard the first track off this, their debut album: ‘Underachievers’. From my point of view this is the catchiest and least disjointed of all the tracks on the disc; some which border on the self-indulgent. This is a shame, because at times you end up thinking to yourself, ‘if only he had have…’, or ‘only it were more…’. Anyhow, it is still an unusual and new sound, and I like it.

The artwork must have taken an age to create because it is so intricate, involving different backgrounds and images and all this stuff that looks so cool – it’s fantastic. Obviously the computer generated tuned had a big influence on the artwork, too. Cool, I am a big fan of computer assisted design. One thing that  was also different was the length of the tracks. Often with techno you’re wading through tracks that seem to go on forever, but Junkie XL has been able to keep the songs down to the typical three to four minute, radio-friendly limit with only a few tunes running long.

If you don’t already have this, then get it. Hey, even I have a copy and I’m supposed to hate techno. But I don’t really; that’s just the common perception.