Feature Car: Dave Kracht’s 1940 Ford De Luxe

31 Oct

Here’s a selection of six photos from our recent photo shoot on Dave Kracht’s incredible 1940 Ford De Luxe, also known as a Sloper. The car has been in Dave’s family for almost 50 years and you can read all about it’s journey in issue 11 of Heavy Duty Hot Rods magazine in Australia.

We shot the car on a smoky afternoon in Katoomba in the NSW Blue Mountains, where Dave runs a successful motor trimming shop. The car is unusual in that it was an Australian built model with a roof line unique to this country. It’s also powered by a Lexus V8.

While the detail shots use Speedlite flashes, the exterior shots were all done with natural and available light sources. Strobist info is available on related images. Check out the photos on our Flickr page by CLICKING HERE or on the thumbnails below.

Dave Kracht's 1940 Ford Sloper

Dave Kracht's 1940 Ford Sloper     Dave Kracht's 1940 Ford Sloper

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