Feature Car: Scott and Gary Bamford’s Ford Hot Rods

02 May

We’ve heard of father/son projects before and we’ve even seen some great ones, but this pair of Fords – namely a 1928 roadster and 1932 5-window coupe – take the cake. Owned by Scott and Gary Bamford, these sweet Fords are enough to make anyone salivate just a little. Father Gary started his black roadster way back in the 1980s, but Scott’s build was much shorter and you can read all about the story on these two in the latest issue (14) of Heavy Duty Hot Rods, on-sale now.

Gary’s roadster is powered by an N/A 302ci Windsor V8 and is a very classic affair. Scott’s ’32 coupe is powered by a stonking great blown small-block 327ci GMC small-block making an estimated 600hp; however that’s untested at this stage. Like his dad’s rod, the coupe is built around a totally classic formula and it works, as the pictures prove.

All the exterior shots were done with natural light only, however strobist fans will find lighting information for the detail shots and the portrait on our Flickr page, where you can also download FREE desktop wallpaper versions of the shots for your own enjoyment. Just CLICK HERE or on the thumbnails below.

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Scott and Gary Bamford's Ford Hot Rods

Scott and Gary Bamford's Ford Hot Rods     Scott and Gary Bamford's Ford Hot Rods

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