Feature Car: Leon Julien’s 1959 FC Holden Wagon

24 Jan

Issue 20 of Heavy Duty Hot Rods (aka Genuine Hot Rods) is due to hit the stands real soon and contains four Hosking Industries photo shoots and feature stories. One of those was Scott Briggs‘ immaculate 1932 Ford coupe we brought you last week and another is Leon Julien’s awesome retro FC Holden wagon pictured here.

This mild kustom 1959 wagon was built at home under a 6x3m marquee in the front yard and is powered by a supercharged 208ci Holden six-cylinder stroker motor. Leon is responsible for just about everything and he and his family drive the car to shows up and down the East Coast of NSW, Australia. Be sure to read all about the car and how it came together in issue 20 of the magazine.

As always, we’ve got a series of FREE desktop wallpaper images for you to enjoy and strobist fans will find our lighting information and EXIF data on each image’s caption, too. Simply CLICK HERE or on the thumbnails below to visit our Flickr page where all the goodies lay in wait for your visit.



Leon Julien's 1959 FC Holden Wagon


Leon Julien's 1959 FC Holden Wagon     Leon Julien's 1959 FC Holden Wagon

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