Feature Car: Fane Harman’s Datsun 260Z

14 Aug

Fane Harman’s Datsun 260Z is a rare and unusual machine. Originally bought for just $200, Fane has plunged $65,000 and nine girlfriends into the car over many years. The result is a 570hp, turbo 3.2L VG30DET V6 that runs 12sec quarters and catches the eye like few others. Be sure to get the full story in issue 191 of Zoom magazine, out now.

CLICK HERE or on the thumbnails below to view and download six FREE desktop wallpaper images of Fane’s Datto convertible! Photo fans will find our EXIF data on each image as well as our lighting information on the detail shots (sorry strobist fans, the exteriors were shot with natural light this time). Enjoy!

Fane Harman's V6 Turbo Datsun

Fane Harman's V6 Turbo Datsun     Fane Harman's V6 Turbo Datsun

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  1. wade harman says:

    shit myself in the passengers seat.dosent help that my head was above the roof lining.Some seriously fast shit,and the only comment was,i am dieing in my own car cunt.not yours.

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