The Accredited: 20 Sydney Photographers on Display

14 Jul


Hosking Industries’ own Ben Hosking will be a part of an upcoming photographic exhibition called The Accredited – opening on July 30 at the 10X8 Gallery in Sydney. Opening night is July 31 from 6pm.

‘The ACCREDITED’: Brought to you by Young Henrys.

Curated by Onur Karaozbek, Rohan Anderson and Kierra Thorn.

Also featuring: Toby Taylor, Alicia Stephenson, Brandon Voight, Andrew Pittman, Ben Hosking, Gwendolyn Lee, Anette Geneva, Clinton Bryant, Pete Coates, Liam Cameron, Nick Lalack, Jared Leibowitz, Dan Turner, Kevin Bull, Rhiannon Hopley, Cameron D’Antone and Mick Goddard.

Launch Night/Drinks: Thursday, July 31st – 6pm to 8pm @ 10X8 Gallery – Level 3, Central, Central Park, 28 Broadway, Chippendale.

Live performance experiences can only be witnessed and lived once and with every new gig, concert or festival it is an absolutely fresh and different journey; it is up to the image makers to capture and share these special moments with the punters so they get to keep, remember and reminiscence about it all afterward. This is what ‘The Accredited’ do every night, covering all local and international gigs, performances and festivals around the greater Sydney area.

‘The Accredited’ is an exhibition that brings together Sydney’s dirtiest live events and performance photographers, showcasing the photographic work by the 20 talented local lens slingers.

Viewing Dates: 30 July – 10 August / Viewing Hours: 11am to 5pm.


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