Happy Birthday To Us! Hosking Ind Turns 7!

01 Feb

Hosking Industries Turns 7
Today marks seven years since I went freelance, meaning Hosking Industries also turns 7 today.

It feels like only the other day that I met with my accountant to get all the paperwork sorted and the ASIC fees paid etc. Since then, I’ve had well over 400 automotive photo shoots published  around the world and even more written works, not to mention event coverage and technical articles! I’ve also met countless friendly car owners, who have, in the vast majority, been generous with their time and a pleasure to work with …oh, and the cars! Wow!

This year looks like it’ll be a little more challenging, with the further erosion of the car magazine business. However, that will just mean I’ll have to search further afield for new opportunities. Maybe diversify a little more (anyone need family portraits or have a wedding coming up!? ).

Thanks again to all the car owners, magazine staffers and anyone who has taken the time to Like or Share an image. It’s appreciated.Here’s to another successful 12 months!

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