Feature Car: Adam and Kylie Perry’s ‘Tailspin’ Phantom Holden

13 Feb

I was lucky enough to land the gig of shooting one of the country’s most unique and well executed custom cars in recent times for Street Machine magazine. The feature spread came out in their last issue. Based on a 1990s concept sketch, the car is a 1960s FB Holden, effectively turned arse about, converted to a coupe and boasting an R33 Skyline roof. I think the photos speak for themselves. it’s an incredible car.


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Adam and Kylie Perry's Holden Phantom 'Tailspin'

Adam and Kylie Perry's Holden Phantom 'Tailspin'     Adam and Kylie Perry's Holden Phantom 'Tailspin'

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  1. Stewart Lowe says:

    I don’t know how to react to your Tailspin Holden. It is a magnificent concept and a beautifully finished piece of work and that is without question, to my mind. But I struggle not to do a double take at looking at the grill…it’s the front of an FB, no its the back, no, it’s the front….maybe if the fins had be angled back at the same degree they’re angled forward, it would not make my head spin. I learned to drive in an FB Holden sedan as a teenager; maybe that’s my problem. But whatever, it’s one of these beautiful custom works that will be around in 100 years time. An exaggeration? The production FB itself is almost 59 years old. One thing I’m sure of…if you have children, they will NEVER allow you to sell this car; to preteen children it will always be an inseparable part of the family.

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