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Feature Car: Aaron Fitzpatrick’s Datsun 1600 (Shoot 2)

01 Nov

Not only did I get lucky enough to photograph Aaron Fitzpatrick’s Datsun 1600 once, but I was asked to shoot it twice for two different magazines on the same trip down to Canberra earlier this year! I’ve already posted some images from my photo shoot for Street Machine magazine HERE. Now you can see some of the images from my shoot for Perth’s Forged magazine. It’s been on sale for a while now, but you can still find it on newsstands nationwide.

This beast runs a dry-sumped, 800hp FJ20 combo, with tubs and a cage – it’s a full-house race version of his Summernats-winning 1600, with a personality all its own.


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Aaron Fitzpatrick's Datsun 1600

Aaron Fitzpatrick's Datsun 1600     Aaron Fitzpatrick's Datsun 1600