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Feature Car: Dave Hart’s 1933 Ford Tourer

09 Oct

Issue 18 of Heavy Duty Hot Rods (aka Modified Street Hot Rods) magazine is due on stands any day now and includes our feature story and photo shoot on two of Dave Hart’s awesome home-built hot rods, one of which is pictured below: his flamed 1933 Ford Tourer. Dave has been building custom rods and bikes since he was young and his skills with all facets of car building are prevalent in this roofless wonder.

Powered by a 462ci big-block Chevrolet V8, every element of this car has been painted, polished or chromed; including the undercarriage. Currently for sale, you can read all about the car in issue 18 of the magazine. Be sure to check it out. For now, enjoy six FREE desktop wallpaper images of the car by CLICKING HERE or on the thumbnails below. You’ll also find our lighting information and EXIF data on our Flickr page.

Dave Hart's 1933 Ford Tourer

Dave Hart's 1933 Ford Tourer     Dave Hart's 1933 Ford Tourer

Feature Car: Jim Pedersen’s 1933 Ford Sedan Hot Rod

29 Mar

Our last feature car for issue 13 of Heavy Duty Hot Rods magazine belongs to Jim Pedersen, from the Newcastle region of NSW, Australia. His beautiful 1933 Ford sedan started as a total wreck that nearly ended up on the scrap heap, but Jim brought it back to life in spectacular fashion over several years.

Riddled with detail from top to bottom, including the undercarriage, the ’33 is powered by a 283ci Chev’ V8 that was actually running a retro-chic set of triples when we first saw it, but now runs a 600cfm Holley as the car is now up for sale. Just check out that awesome metal-flake vinyl interior!

As always we’ve included all the shots in desktop wallpaper resolution FREE for your pleasure and the strobist fans will find lighting information on each image’s caption on our Flickr page. Just CLICK HERE or on the thumbnails below to jump.

Jim Pedersen's 1933 Ford Sedan Hot Rod

Jim Pedersen's 1933 Ford Sedan     Jim Pedersen's 1933 Ford Sedan