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Feature Car: Don Mills’ 1965 HD Holden Premier

26 Jul

Issue 7 of Holden Muscle (aka Xtreme Holdens) is due out on sale soon and includes our feature story and photo shoot on Don Mills’ awesome home-built 1965 HD Holden Premier. Some of you may remember our feature on Don’s yellow HR panel van (CHECK IT HERE). He’s a tireless self-starter with decade’s of DIY-ing under his belt and just about every aspect of this HD has been completed at home in his two-car garage (as pictured).

As always, we’ve included some FREE desktop wallpaper images of the car in 1680-resolution for you to download and enjoy. Shutter bugs can also find our lighting info and EXIF data over on our Flickr page, too. CLICK HERE to grab the wallpapers and check out our setups.

Don Mills' 1965 HD Holden Premier

Don Mills' 1965 HD Holden Premier     Don Mills' 1965 HD Holden Premier