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Live Gallery and Review: Behemoth @ Manning Bar, Sydney – October 26, 2013

11 Nov

Behemoth @ Manning Bar, Sydney - Oct 26, 2013     Behemoth @ Manning Bar, Sydney - Oct 26, 2013

Behemoth @ Manning Bar, Sydney - Oct 26, 2013     Behemoth @ Manning Bar, Sydney - Oct 26, 2013

Hosking Industries was lucky enough to witness the onslaught that is a Behemoth live show last time the Polish group played Sydney in 2010 when they destroyed the Metro. Three years later and singer Nergal has beaten Leukemia into submission and clearly had something to prove when the band took to the Manning Bar stage at Sydney uni on October 26. Read our review below and enjoy 35 images from the show by CLICKING HERE or on the thumbnails above:

Having witnessed Poland’s blackened death metal legends Behemoth slay everyone in attendance on their Sydney date of their last Australian tour in 2010, you can bet we were more than a little excited when we learned of their upcoming 2013 tour dates. Fast forward to Saturday October 26 and we arrive at Sydney Uni’s Manning Bar to find that several hundred other excited Behemoth fans were already lining out the door and around the corner.

First up on tonight’s three-band line-up is Sydney’s own Exekute; a young death metal group that clearly has a bright future if tonight’s tight performance is anything to go by. While lacking a little in terms of stage presence, the band more than makes up for the short fall with a barrage of rapid fire, brutal riffs and plenty in the audience seem already very familiar with their tunes.

Touring nationally with Behemoth is Italy’s Hour of Penance who is next on stage, upping the ante in terms of presence and brutality, even if the mix leaves things sounding a little one dimensional. Guitarist Giulio Moschini whips more windmills than your typical Dutch flour mill and singer Paolo Pieri turns out to be the second of three diminutive vocalists tonight who prove good things come in small packages, packing a mighty growl that gets the crowd fist-pumping for more.


Live Review: Behemoth/Job for a Cowboy at The Metro Sydney

22 Apr just uploaded my review of the Behemoth and Job for a Cowboy gig at the Metro Theatre in Sydney on Friday April 16.

Singer/guitarist/ring leader, Nergal somehow manages to be Mr. Charisma and a soulless purveyor of all things evil at the same time. He’s a man possessed, working the crowd like a Pied Piper and creating a mosh that lasts the duration of the set. It’s truly a sight to behold and the sound mix is a devastating 100%.

Behemoth is evidence of Europe’s dark history and their ability to feed on it and create such intense music is awe inspiring. The band is muscular, regimented and disciplined. You can see it in every movement, every facial expression (or lack of)… it’s almost military precision taking musical form. It’s glorious theatre as only the Europeans seem able to pull off convincingly.

CLICK HERE or the image below to read the entire review: