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Feature Bike: Joe Di Palma’s Big Bear Chopper

10 Aug

Issue 17 of Wild Aussie Choppers (AKA World’s Wildest Custom Choppers) is due out real soon and contains two feature bikes shot and written by Hosking Industries, including this awesome Big Bear, owned by Sydneysider Joe Di Palma. We shot it in an incredible abandoned factory in inner Sydney; but that’s a whole other story!

Powered by a 100ci S&S twin, the candy red chopper also features a Baker 6-speed ‘box, Devil’s Candy chrome rims and a 300-wide rear tyre. After a long history of building classic Australian muscle cars, this is Joe’s first bike and the results are excellent. Be sure to read all about it when the magazine comes out.

Buy a print of this bike: CLICK HERE

As always, we’ve got six FREE desktop wallpaper images for you to download and enjoy, in 1680-resolution. Strobist fans will also find our lighting information and EXIF data on our Flickr page. Just CLICK HERE or on the thumbnails below to view and download them all.

Joe Di Palma's Big Bear Chopper

Joe Di Palma's Big Bear Chopper     Joe Di Palma's Big Bear Chopper