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Age Old Inspiration: 78-year-old Bob Lutz Wants to Keep Working

08 May

Having worked in the automotive media for almost a decade and grown up a car nut that’s been particularly fond of GM products, Bob Lutz has been a name never too far away from my mind when I think of General Motors. The 78-year-old Vice Chairman has had a long and interesting career; not only with GM, but also with other big name auto companies. He’s held a number of titles with GM, too.

Almost within the realms of an octogenarian, he says that his latest retirement – scheduled to have started at the end of April – is finally going to stick. But that doesn’t mean he wouldn’t consider going back to work if the right offer was made. He’s the capitalist world’s wet dream: an employee that is willing to work until he’s in the grave!

In an exclusive interview with Autoblog, Lutz was quoted as saying, “I don’t play golf, never have never will. And secondly, I have no desire to go to Hilton Head, or Naples, Florida, or any place like that”.

Clearly, he’s intending to stay busy in one form or another. From the looks of his photo; he’s looking good for his age, too. But it gets more interesting. Lutz is working on a business book that he intends to support with a tour and he’s looking offer his decades of expertise to executive boards who desire it.

“I have had several approaches for board memberships of various companies and I’m going to be meeting with a headhunter who is a specialist in finding board members. He wants to see me, so we’ll see what comes up there. As far as GM is concerned, I have had numerous requests to continue to be available for advice and counsel and occasionally review design properties and stuff like that, so I’ll find a way to stay engaged.”

Whether you’re interested in big business, the auto industry or not; it’s hard not to be inspired by such enthusiasm for life and productivity from someone of his age. I hope I still possess his energy at that stage.