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Shooting Video: Steve Hopes’ Chevrolet Camaro for Street Machine

27 Dec

Here’s a short video we shot for Street Machine magazine on Steve Hopes’ incredible twin-turbo, NRE-powered Chevrolet Camaro earlier this year.


Feature Car: Steve Hopes’ Chevrolet Camaro ‘SINISTR’

13 Nov

Our photo shoot on Steve Hopes’ brain-snapping NRE (Nelson Race Engines) twin-turbo Chevrolet Camaro was featured in the last issue of Street Machine magazine, which was on sale last month. There isn’t much left of the original car, with every nook and cranny replaced, smoothed, polished and fettled into a potent, tyre-destroying show car.


As always, we’ve got a series of FREE desktop wallpaper images for you to enjoy. Simply CLICK HERE or on the thumbnails below to visit our Flickr page where all the goodies lay in wait for your visit.

Steve Hopes' Chevrolet Camaro 'SINISTR'

Steve Hopes' Chevrolet Camaro 'SINISTR'     Steve Hopes' Chevrolet Camaro 'SINISTR'

Feature Story: Steve Nogas’ Camaro ‘KILLAB’ in CamaroNow USA

13 Apr

Visit CamaroNow Magazine

Hosking Industries‘ feature story on Steve Nogas’ late-model Camaro, ‘KILLAB‘, is in the latest issue of CamaroNow magazine in the USA. Be sure to pick yourself up a copy to check out the world’s craziest late-model Camaro.

Boasting a gargantuan 16/71 supercharged 632ci Merlin big-block Chev’ V8, this ex-rental V6 Camaro has been built to destroy tyres and does it with consummate ease. It’s currently doing the rounds on the Australian car show circuit and you can read all about it in CamaroNow. Photos by Newcastle’s Easton Chang.

Image Gallery: 127 Images from MotorEx 2010 in Sydney

26 Jul

MotorEx 2010 in SydneyMotorEx has long been one of the biggest and most impressive indoor car shows in Australia. Sadly though, the shine had worn off the event in recent years due in part to the influence of both the former owner and the hotrod club that controlled much of what went on and how the event was laid out. Thankfully that all changed last year when MotorActive bought the show – lock, stock and barrel.

MotorActive is owned by Bruce Morrison and distributes a number of high profile product lines in Australia; including Meguiar’s, House of Kolor automotive finishes and Liqui-Moly. For years, Meguiar’s had been naming-rights sponsors of the MotorEx. So it made sense that MotorActive should take it on. With Owen Webb – one of the country’s top elite show car judges – taking the reins of the show, it returned this year with a renewed vigour and vitality that it’d been long lacking.

Walking into the expansive dome, the quality of the vehicles – as well as the quantity – was immediately apparent. For a few years past, most of the main action took place only in the front of the venue, with the rear halls consisting pretty boring car club displays of restored and classic cars. While there was always a smattering of modified cars ‘out back’, the quality drop was like falling off a cliff as you walked out of the main dome area. Not so in 2010!

This year, the quality from the front to the back of the full-sized venue was excellent with all makes and models well represented. Whether you were into the rods, muscle cars, late-model muscle, bikes and choppers or high-tech Jap’ stuff – MotorEx had you covered with some of the best examples in the country on display.

Owen Webb did an amazing job of pulling all the cars to the event and being the show’s big anniversary, organised for all past winners of the show to come back and compete against one another again. It was truly a spectacle to behold and the punters lapped it up.

So, without any more rambling; check out our 127-image gallery from MotorEx 2010. All images are 1000-pixels wide and you can click on the thumbnails to see some of our favourites at full size – or CLICK HERE to visit the full gallery.

MotorEx 2010 in Sydney MotorEx in Sydney 2010
MotorEx 2010 in Sydney MotorEx 2010 in Sydney
MotorEx 2010 in Sydney MotorEx 2010 in Sydney
View the entire MotorEx 2010 Image Gallery

Burnout FAIL!

07 Mar

This Camaro owner loses it big time and takes out a parked minivan at the same time… bet he was wishing he hadn’t gotten up that morning.

Click on the images or the link to watch the video. Camaro fans are warned in advance.