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CD Review: Alexisonfire “Aussie Tour 7in” for

09 Feb have just published my review of the recently-released Alexisonfire two-song single ‘Aussie Tour 7in’. Released as part of their Australian tour on actual 7in vinyl, the tracks are now available on iTunes. Check out the excerpt below, read the entire review and be sure to support Alexisonfire by buying the tracks.

“…A pretty faithful rendition of Midnight Oil’s “Dead Heart” rolls out of the speakers, immediately reminding us all that Peter Garrett would be far better off quitting the puppetry of his cabinet position and going back to music full time. The messages spoken through the lyrics are still completely and sadly relevant today. While I think Alexisonfire play it a bit too close to the original, it’s nice that they should have chosen to play the track live on their tour…”

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Interview: Jeff Waters from Annihilator on LMM

28 Jun have uploaded the 30-minute audio interview with Jeff Waters; frontman of Canada’s thrash legends, Annihilator.

We discussed the band’s 26-year history, their brilliant new self-titled album and what the future holds for the group. Jeff also discusses his new signature model Epiphone Flying-V, his writing and recording processes and much, much more in this lengthy interview.

CLICK HERE to listen to the interview.
CLICK HERE to read my review of their latest album.


CD Review: Annihilator – Self Titled Album for

16 Jun have just published my review of Annihilator’s latest self-titled album. Check the excerpt below and click the album art and hyperlink to read the full review:

…this – their 13th studio album to date – easily qualifies as their finest effort in the last 20 years or so. A self-titled album, ‘Annihilator’ is brimming with speedy, precise riffage that effortlessly melds old-school thrash with more modern technical metal that will surely have you damaging neck muscles in the bedroom, car or public transport…

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Interview: Ben Talks With Jeff Martin (Tea Party) for

21 Apr

Here’s the full transcribed version of my interview with Jeff Martin (The Tea Party/The Armada) for If you would prefer to listen to it, the entire interview goes for a little over 14 minutes and can be found at the bottom of the page after the text.

Jeff Martin (JM) spent 15 years fronting iconic Canadian rock group The Tea Party before leaving the country to escape the band’s ‘acrimonious’ split. While holed up in Ireland he embarked upon a successful solo career and met percussionist Wayne Sheehy – a chance meeting that later spawned The Armada, with multi-instrumentalist Jay Cortez.

Now an Australian resident, Jeff embarks upon a fresh tour of Australia in May, where he plans to road test some of his new material that will be recorded later this year. Ben Hosking from (LMM) caught up with the enigmatic musical gypsy to chat about his upcoming live Armada CD/DVD set, the tour, potential Tea Party reunions and his friendship with Jimmy Page.

CLICK HERE to read the interview, or click the image below:

Audio Interview: Ben Talks to Jeff Martin for

15 Apr

CLICK THE LINK below to listen to my interview with Jeff Martin, the former front man of the awesome Canadian group The Tea Party and now prolific solo artist, also heading up a newer group called The Armada.

Jeff recently became an Australian resident and has toured here many times over the last 20 years with his various musical endeavours. Embarking upon a national tour in May, I caught up with Jeff to discuss the upcoming tour, The Armada, The Tea Party and his friendship with Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page – among many other things.

Check it out! (The transribed version will be online next week)