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Wicked Wednesdays: FREE High-Resolution Decay Textures

06 Apr

Worn, aged, decayed, damaged, dirty, grungy, old… there are some words in the english language that get us excited and for some reason these are some of those words. We just love the look of aged, decayed old surfaces, rusting metal, flaking paint, decade’s old paint splatters… you get the idea. So this week we’ve got a collection of six high-resolution images containing stuff like that all for you and all for free!

We snapped these photos with the trusty 7D while out shooting a Ute Muster in Castle Hill, NSW Australia last weekend – so they’re fresh and new, unlike the subject matter!

As usual, all Hosking Industries texture images are FREE for personal and commercial use, however we do not permit the resale, repackaging or redistribution of the images. In short, don’t go passing them off as your own, putting them in some super jumbo compilation of super dooper textures under your own name and crap like that. We’ll take your balls!

Click on (or right click and Save-As) for the high-resolution experience:
FREE Decay Textures FREE Decay Textures FREE Decay Textures FREE Decay Textures FREE Decay Textures FREE Decay Textures

Wicked Wednesdays: FREE High-Resolution Ground Cover Textures

16 Jun

Throughout our travels we’ve always been on the look out for good texture images we can later give to you FREE here on our website. What we found on our search through the hard drives this week was an abundance of images depicting various ground covers – like grasses, bark, leaves and whatnot. So, that’s what you get this week!

These images have been taken from such locations around New South Wales, Australia as Castle Hill, Silverwater and Parramatta Lake. As usual, all our high-resolution texture images are entirely FREE for personal and commercial use. However, resale and repackaging is strictly prohibited.

Click the thumb nails for the high-res experience:

Wicked Weekend Freebies: High-res metal textures

13 Mar

OK, so I’ve got a spare 10 minutes on this dreary Saturday afternoon. So, I thought I’d hit you with another 5 totally free high-resolution textures.

This time there’s a theme and that theme is ‘metal’. All five images were snapped at the 124th Castle Hill Show in NSW, Australia. I was there covering a ute show today for Custom Utes magazine and thought I’d kill two birds with one stone.

As usual, the textures are free to be used for personal or commercial use. Just send us a link back if you use any, so we can see what you used them for!

Click on the thumbs for high-res versions: