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Logo Design: Flow Fittings Direct Logo by Hosking Industries

22 Apr

FlowFD Logo by Hosking IndustriesFlowFD Logo by Hosking Industries FlowFD Logo by Hosking Industries

Here are a few samples of the new logo we created for local automotive parts supply Flow Fittings Direct using Illustrator and Photoshop. Numerous versions were designed to suit multiple output situations, from highly detailed styles with added textures and rendering for use on the web or high-resolution printing, right down to simplified versions like the red logo above, which can be used for screen printing, vinyl-cut stickers etc.

Please contact us today for an obligation-free quote on your next design job.

Design: Hosking Industries’ New Business Cards

16 Apr

Hosking Industries' Business Card

Hosking Industries' Business Card

This is the design of Hosking Industries’ new business card for our photojournalism services. We’ll be revising the design regularly as the pile runs out, updating them with other examples of our photographic work. Our original card design didn’t use any photographic elements as we hadn’t started shooting cars as our business yet – plus we were wanting them to represent not only photography and automotive journalism, but graphic design, copywriting, web design and much more as well.

We reckon this design kind of covers all the bases and shows off some of our design skills at the same time. Hope you like it and we hope we get the chance to hand you one of them at some point, too!

Hosking Industries offers commercial and private photographic services, specialising in the automotive and music industries. Even if you don’t think your car or bike is good enough for a full feature in a magazine, we can still shoot your pride and joy just as if it were going into one; making it look as glamorous as the vehicles you see in print on newsstands all over the world. Contact us today for an obligation-free quote on a custom framed print!

Wicked Wednesdays: FREE High-Resolution Stone Textures 3

15 Sep

The third in our series of high-resolution natural stone texture images; this week we bring you some more from the lovely Mount Tomah Botanical Gardens in NSW, Australia. You can find innumerable examples of beautiful stone and rock textures on the grounds of the Gardens, including sandstone, granite, marble-type stone and many more. We hope you enjoy the examples we’ve brought you this week.

As usual, all our texture images are FREE for personal and commercial use unless otherwise stated. However, you are not permitted to resell, repackage or redistribute these textures on your own site, CD, DVD or other distribution method.

Click on the thumbnails for the high-resolution experience:
Natural Stone Textures Natural Stone Textures Natural Stone Textures Natural Stone Textures Natural Stone Textures Natural Stone Textures

Creative: Let Us Design Your Next Business Card

04 Aug

Hosking Industries was recently commissioned to design a new business card for Lowe Fabrications. Through the process we performed a little massaging of their existing new logo and worked with the brief the client gave us to create a calling card that properly reflected the company’s image and brand.

If your business is in need of professional design services, Hosking Industries offers quality, speedy design at competitive rates. We can also offer top quality printing services. Contact us today for more information.

Lowe Fabrications Business Card Lowe Fabrications Business Card

Quick One: Custom Graphic Design

22 Mar

I just designed this little graphic for a job I’m working on at the moment, using methods I’ve learned over the last few days following the tutorials I’ve been showing you.

Photoshop Training: Another Day, Another Fun Tutorial

21 Mar

Another day, another Photoshop tutorial. It took around 30 steps to make this cool little folder icon graphic from The same mob who did the tutorial on the excellent dark button graphic.

Just when I think I’ve learned all I need to know about Photoshop to get by, I learn a bunch more. Keep it coming!

Photoshop education: This Came Out Pretty Well!

19 Mar

I’m always learning new tricks and I spent a couple of hours following an excellent Illustrator and Photoshop tutorial last night that definitely expanded my view.

Here’s the result of my time – all 71 steps of it!

Click the image to see the tutorial for yourself.