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Feature Car: Julian’s Nissan R32 GTR Skyline

19 Mar

Our photo shoot on Julian’s nutso 1000hp Nissan R32 GTR Skyline made it onto the front cover of the latest issue of Zoom magazine. Believe it or not, Julian drove this monster to our photo shoot at Diehard Indoor Paintball, just putting the parachute in the boot on his way there! A crazy car for a crazy dude. Be sure to read all about it in the new issue of Zoom.


As always, we’ve got a series of FREE desktop wallpaper images for you to enjoy. Simply CLICK HERE or on the thumbnails below to visit our Flickr page where all the goodies lay in wait for your visit.

Julian's Nissan R32 GTR Skyline

Julian's Nissan R32 GTR Skyline     Julian's Nissan R32 GTR Skyline

Sneak Peek: Julian’s Nissan R32 Skyline GT-R

30 Sep

Here’s a sneak peek at our photo shoot on Julian’s Nissan R32 Skyline GT-R, for Zoom magazine. We can’t show you the monster living under its bonnet just yet, but we’ll bring you more pics once the magazine is published. All we can say is that this machine makes well over 1000hp and still sees significant street use. Crazy!

For the photo nuts, this image was lit using the light painting technique. There’s about five frames in this. CLICK HERE or on the image below to see it bigger!

Julian's Nissan R32 Skyline