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CD Review: Disturbed – ‘Asylum’

04 Nov

Disturbed - AsylumLove them or hate them, Disturbed have forged out their own distinct sound over their last four studio albums – one that’s immediately recognisable. On their fifth and latest, ‘Asylum’, Disturbed certainly don’t reinvent their wheel; however they do well to continue the development of their song writing skills and there are a ton of hooks prevalent within.

The disc opens up with the rather subdued instrumental ‘Remnants’ that seamlessly morphs into the title track boasting fist-pumping signature Disturbed staccato riffing and singer David Drayman’s equally trademark grunts. It’s hard-driving metal for the masses with a slick and polished production that has enough of the edges rounded smooth to land it deep within the mainstream. This means it’ll probably be too safe for the more hardcore metal fans.

Ultimately, it’s more of the same from the Chicago quartet; but they do what they do very well and you’ll be rewarded for your purchase by epic, soaring choruses and catchy-as-hell riffage.