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Learn How to Automotive Light Paint!

16 Jan

Learn how to automotive light paint with one of Australia’s top exponents of the style. Ben Hosking is now offering one-on-one and small-group classes in the greater Newcastle and Sydney regions.

Learn all the necessary tips and techniques you need for creating professional-level automotive light painting images. From the equipment you need to the techniques to creating beautifully-lit scenes and the secrets that make a memorable image.

Each hands-on session will be tailored to where you and I think you need the most help. Or it can be an encompassing course that starts right at the beginning – or anywhere in between. All that will be worked out prior to the lessons, which will be a minimum of two hours, at a time and a location within your general area (where possible). I’ll also try and set the lesson after one of my proper magazine shoots. So you can come along and watch that process as part of the coaching.

I’m also offering more general educational sessions in automotive photography techniques like strobist and even basic camera skills should you feel you need it.

Contact me today HERE if you’re interested in learning how to automotive light paint and we can discuss your specific needs, questions and desired outcomes.

Learn to Automotive Light Paint

Opinion Piece: Get an Education (Street Commodores Editorial Column)

09 Jul

This is the 22nd in a regular series of editorial pieces we’ll be posting here on the blog, originally written by Hosking Industries’ Ben Hosking for Street Commodores magazine and other magazines he’s completed opinion pieces for. This column appeared in issue 190 of Street Commodores:

Get an Education (Written 17.08.11)

Want to dig deep into building a custom car but lack the skills? Go back to school.

As I was growing up I discovered the world of custom cars like most kids probably did. They had a relative who was into building or at least driving modified cars, or perhaps the mere sight and sound of a cool car like Knight Rider’s KITT was enough to get your pre-pubescent adrenaline gland pumping. Either way, for most of us cars ended up becoming something far greater than mere transport.

I think I glued together my first model car at around the age of seven or eight. That taught me quite a bit about the general anatomy of the motor car and how each major part related to the next. I also had my uncle’s impressive collection of mid-1960s to early ‘70s hot rod magazines to pore over whenever I visited (I’ve now got that wonderful collection with me here at home).

I really got most of my automotive education from books, magazines and model cars – at least up until I bought my first car and started working on that. For many of you at home, my story probably sounds pretty familiar: soaking up information and completing DIY projects at home that you picked up in car mags like Street Commodores.