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Free Wallpaper: ESP LTD SC607 Electric Guitar

29 Apr


Originally uploaded by HoskingIndustries

Another example from a series I shot, mucking around with light painting a few weeks ago. The only light source was a single LED torch. Shot with a Canon 450D and kit lens on a 25sec exposure at about f18 or 20.
Image is free for personal use.


13 Apr


Originally uploaded by HoskingIndustries

I shot this image of my Ibanez Ghostrider 320 (GR320) back in 2000 or 2001 as part of a short course I did in processing black and white film. The frame and grain is all legit old-shcool film and processing techniques. I doubt I could still do it now without a refresher course.
For the guitar fans, the guitar is transparent red with creme binding on the body and neck. That’s a Seymour Duncan Livewire in the bridge position – and yes, both pickups work fine even though one is active and one is passive.

Free Wallpaper: Ibanez RGA121 Guitar – Light Painting Exercise

07 Apr

This is a photo I took of one of my guitars recently – an Ibanez Prestige RGA121.
Only light source was an LED torch using a 25sec exposure at f18. Shot on a Canon EOS400D with the kit lens.
The amplifier is a frankensteined Crate Vintage Club 212 50watt tube amp. It was a combo that I had separated into a head and closed-back cab.
Image strictly copyright. No commercial use. Private use recommended!
More images to come.