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Opinion Piece: Moral Dilemma (Street Commodores Editorial Column)

11 Oct

This is the 19th in a regular series of editorial pieces we’ll be posting here on the blog, originally written by Hosking Industries’ Ben Hosking for Street Commodores magazine and other magazines he’s completed opinion pieces for. This column appeared in issue 185 of Street Commodores:

Moral Dilemma (Written April 7, 2011)

What do you do when your suburb is being overrun by idiots?

I live practically on a roundabout. My house sits right at the edge with the driveway pointing right at the large, round concrete disc that makes up the traffic flow modifier. It’s a pretty busy street, too. All the buses that circulate in the area use the roundabout day and night and with two primary schools in close proximity, you can bet 9am and 3pm are busy times here, too!

Sure, I should have thought about the potential for excess noise pollution before I bought the place a few years ago and honestly, to a certain extent I’ve trained my brain to block much of it out. However, there’s one element I haven’t been able to block out: idiot drivers and those with ridiculously loud exhausts.