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Wicked Wednesdays: FREE High-Resolution Fabric Textures

16 Mar

This week we bring you a collection of six high-resolution fabric and cloth texture images. They include cushion fabric, the open weave of a Lowepro camera bag, micro fibre cloth and more. Hopefully they’ll help in your next design project.

As usual, Hosking Industries texture images are FREE for personal and commercial use. However, NO redistribution or resale is permitted. You didn’t make them, so don’t go passing them off as your own.

Click on the thumbs (or right click and save-as) for the full resolution versions:
Free Fabric Textures Free Fabric Textures Free Fabric Textures Free Fabric Textures Free Fabric Textures Free Fabric Textures

Wicked Wednesdays: FREE High-Resolution Fabric Textures

07 Jul

It’s Wednesday again and we trolled through our expansive texture collections to find you all something new – something that we hadn’t brought to you before. This week, we’ve got six high-resolution fabric textures. They include denim material, a dish cloth, camo cargo shorts and even the fabric from a couple of lounges.

As usual, all our texture images are absolutely free for personal and commercial use, how we don’t permit you to resell, repackage or redistribute them anywhere else – or we remove fingers! Kidding… or are we? Yes we are… maybe.

You can CLICK HERE to go to the set on flickr, or hit the thumbs below for the high-res experience:

Wicked Wednesdays: FREE High-Resolution Household Textures

19 May

Another week has rolled by and it’s time once again for another Wicked Wednesday texture session. This week we’ve assembled a series of six totally FREE high-resolution textures from around our home and those of our families. We’ve included things as mundane fly screen, vertical blinds and fabric as well as a couple of more oddball textures such as corrugated tin and wicker from a cane chair.

As usual, the textures are FREE for private and commercial use, however resale and repackaging is prohibited.

Click on the thumbs for the full-res experience: