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Feature Car: John Trunzo’s FJ Holden Coupe

14 Jun

We recently had the pleasure of photographing this iconic Australian kustom for Cruzin magazine. Rebuilt over four years by John Trunzo, the FJ Holden was originally built by Lance Simmers in the 1960 and won scores of trophies both in car shows and on the drag strip. Today, the car is far beyond what Simmers had done with the car, with flawless burnt orange candy paint covering top and bottom, however the essence of the original car remains.


As always, we bring you six FREE desktop wallpaper version of the images over on our Flickr page. CLICK HERE or on the thumbs below to go get ’em! Lighting fans can also see our lighting information and EXIF data, although the main exterior shots were all natural light in this instance.

John Trunzo FJ Holden Coupe

John Trunzo FJ Holden Coupe     John Trunzo's FJ Holden Coupe

Feature Car: Grant Eberhart’s 1955 FJ Holden

09 May

Issue 44 of Custom Utes magazine is about to go one sale and includes our feature photo shoot on Grant Eberhart’s incredible, rich metallic purple 1955 FJ ute. Grant owns and operates X-Trim Trimming in Sydney and as such, the cabin in this old Holden is the focal point of the build. However, the FJ is much more than just a classy red leather interior on wheels. From the neatly converted V6 to the 18in Weld alloy rims; it’s a truly classic Holden. You can read all about the car when the magazine goes on sale shortly.

As always, you can download FREE desktop wallpaper versions of the six images we’ve uploaded to our Flickr page and the strobist fans can check out our lighting setup info as well as our EXIF data. While the exterior shots really only used one flash to fill in a little colour, the detail shots will provide more info. CLICK HERE to visit our Flickr page and download the wallpapers or click on the thumbnails below.

Grant Eberhart's 1955 FJ Holden

Grant Eberhart's 1955 FJ Holden     Grant Eberhart's 1955 FJ Holden