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Feature Car: Dave Hart’s 1953 Chevrolet Lead Sled Sedan

15 Oct

Along with Dave Hart’s awesome 1933 Ford tourer that we showed you last week, we also shot his 1953 Chev’ lead sled for the same issue of Heavy Duty Hot Rods magazine (aka Modified Street Hot Rods), which goes on sale any day now. Dave also built this machine himself in the shed at home, including the weekend roof chop and long, lapping flame job.

The Chevrolet is used as Dave’s wife’s daily, proving once and for all that car like this shouldn’t be kept in the shed. Backing it up is a 2009 350ci small-block and T350 and as you can see from the pics, this beast is visually loud. Clearly it’s the way Dave likes things to be.

As always, we’ve got a selection of desktop wallpaper-sized images for you to view and download for your own computer. For the photogs, you’ll find our EXIF data on each image as well. Just CLICK HERE or on the thumbnails below to jump.

Dave Hart's 1953 Chevrolet Lead Sled Sedan

Dave Hart's 1953 Chevrolet Lead Sled Sedan     Dave Hart's 1953 Chevrolet Lead Sled Sedan

Feature Car: Dave Hart’s 1933 Ford Tourer

09 Oct

Issue 18 of Heavy Duty Hot Rods (aka Modified Street Hot Rods) magazine is due on stands any day now and includes our feature story and photo shoot on two of Dave Hart’s awesome home-built hot rods, one of which is pictured below: his flamed 1933 Ford Tourer. Dave has been building custom rods and bikes since he was young and his skills with all facets of car building are prevalent in this roofless wonder.

Powered by a 462ci big-block Chevrolet V8, every element of this car has been painted, polished or chromed; including the undercarriage. Currently for sale, you can read all about the car in issue 18 of the magazine. Be sure to check it out. For now, enjoy six FREE desktop wallpaper images of the car by CLICKING HERE or on the thumbnails below. You’ll also find our lighting information and EXIF data on our Flickr page.

Dave Hart's 1933 Ford Tourer

Dave Hart's 1933 Ford Tourer     Dave Hart's 1933 Ford Tourer

Feature Car: Daniel Cox’s 1936 Morris 8 Tudor

22 Mar

Now for something a little different! Novocastrian (someone from Newcastle, Australia, for the uninitiated) Daniel Cox built this way-cool 1936 Morris 8, inspired by the exaggerated proportions and out-there thinking of legends like Ed Roth. His wild creation is certainly a fitting testament to the twisted mind of the ‘Big Daddy’ and you’ll be able to read all about it’s journey from junk heap to hero in issue 13 of Heavy Duty Hot Rods, on-sale now.

Powered by a tunnel-rammed 350ci SBC and T350 (the venerable combo), the little British tudor must feel a bit like a go-kart on the road, but somehow Daniel has found a tasty visual balance with the car – a car that also boasts wicked Caddy tail lights, neat flames and gorgeous billet rims. Daniel scored an excellent location for the shoot at an old, still operational factory just outside of Newcastle that we dearly hope to be able to use again in the future. Don’t think for a second we’re gonna tell you where this one is!

As always, we’ve included strobist information (where applicable) and our EXIF data is always on show for those who want to know. You can download all six images as FREE desktop wallpaper images. Just CLICK HERE or on the thumbnails below to jump.

Daniel Cox's 1936 Morris 8 Tudor

Daniel Cox's 1936 Morris 8 Tudor     Daniel Cox's 1936 Morris 8 Tudor