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Milestone: 5 Million Flickr Views and Counting!

24 Aug

A little self-congratulations this evening as the Hosking Industries Flickr page hit 5 million image views! Not much else to say on that one, except thanks to anyone and everyone who has ever taken the time to check out our photos! Have a drink on us!

5 million Flickr Views

Two Million Views: Hosking Industries’ Flickr Page Hits Milestone

20 Mar

Two Million Views on Flickr

Hosking Industries’ Flickr page just hit two million views. Seems like a milestone worthy of note. Thanks to anyone and everyone who has ever visited!

On a related note, our most viewed image is one of our Wicked Wednesdays texture images – our photo of a sheet of chequer plate metal with 12,500 views/downloads. Search ‘Wicked’ in the search bar at the top of the page to check out our collection of free textures and stock images.

1,000,000: Hosking Industries Hit a Million on Flickr!

30 Sep

That’s not something that happens every day! A quick check of our stats page on Flickr had us smiling when we realised we’d hit 1,000,000 image views. Happy Mondays to us and thanks for checking out our images, downloading our free wallpapers and making use of our hundreds of high-resolution textures and stock photos. Keep it coming!


1,000,000 View on Flickr

Live Review: Helmet @ Manning Bar – Images and Words

01 Jul

Ask anyone who knows me well and they’ll probably be able to tell you that Helmet is my all-time favourite band. Page Hamilton has been a huge influence on me musically. We even share the same haircut!

I got the chance to photograph Helmet’s live show at the Manning Bar in Sydney on June 24, 2011 as well as review the gig for I naturally jumped at the chance, given that would mean I got to see the show from right up the front. Any closer and I would have been groping him.

They were supported by old 1990s group Pangaea. I wasn’t even aware they were still around or had regrouped. Certainly, their discography seems to indicate nothing since around 1997. Correct me if I’m wrong.

You can read the review BY CLICKING HERE. It’s a relatively long review as far as online live reviews go, but I like to add some historical context and background. So kill me.

You can see the image gallery of live photos BY CLICKING HERE or on the thumbnails below:

Helmet - Manning Bar, Sydney

Helmet - Manning Bar, Sydney Helmet - Manning Bar, Sydney

Thanks for coming! 100,000 Image Hits on Flickr

22 Feb

Wow! Over night our Flickr page enjoyed its 100,000th hit. Online for a year, our page contains around 1500 images now thanks in part to our weekly texture images and irregular car show and concert uploads.

The page contains more than that though, with examples of our more serious photographic works from feature car shoots and other more artistic endeavours. You can check it all out by CLICKING HERE or clicking on the image below.

A huge thanks to all of you who’ve been to our Flickr page so far and a pre-thank you for all of you who visit it at some point in the future. While there’s really no incredible gains for us from having plenty of hits, it sure does make us feel nice!

CHECK OUT the Hosking Industries Flickr page HERE.

Hosking Industries Flickr Page

155 FREE High-Resolution Textures Available NOW!

19 Aug

We’ve been bringing you high-resolution texture images of all manner of things since the beginning of 2010 – all absolutely FREE. So far we’re up to 155 of the buggers and thought it a good time to let you know that you can access them all easily via the collection on our Flickr page.

Just CLICK HERE or the image below and gain access to all 155 of our high-resolution texture images in various sizes from 75px, right up to 15mb+.

Please remember that while our texture images are FREE for personal and commercial use, we do not permit the resale, repackaging or redistribution of our textures on CD compilations or other grouped digital downloads where our work will go uncredited or credited by someone else.

Hosking Industries Texture Collection

365 Photo Project #1: The Year of the Cat

07 Jun

There’s been a proliferation of 365 photography projects of late. The first time I heard about them, it was with the TV personality Andrew G’s self portrait project that he tweets about daily. Upon taking a wander through flickr’s expansive galleries, I noticed more and more people starting 365 projects of their own, or joining groups dedicated to taking a picture a day on some theme or another.

I got interested and thought it’d make for a great way to ensure the camera comes out of the bag every day and by trying to capture a single type of object in a different way each day, I’d also push my creativity and technical ability at the same time. While I created a list of about 30 different things I could do a 365 project on; for the first one, I chose my cats – Punk and Spew.

I figure they’re a challenging subject. Any animal photography can be a challenge. Either they’re moving, sleeping, cleaning or in some way unwilling models… my challenge will be to try and display their personalities in the photos; as well as capture them in a different way each day. I’ll submit only one image per day, meaning it’ll either be one cat or another – or both in one shot.

Anyway, I hope you like the results!