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Feature Car: Greg Pennell’s XL Ford Falcon

13 Aug

Issue 17 of Heavy Duty Hot Rods magazine (aka Wild Custom Hot Rods) is due out soon and contains our photo shoot and feature story on Greg Pennell’s awesome XL Ford Falcon kustom sedan, pictured here. If the name sounds familiar, it’s because we’ve also photographed his custom chopper – SEE IT HERE.

Built on the cheap for trouble-free cruising with the family, this XL features a tonne of excellent paint effects all performed by Greg, who now runs his own custom shop on the Central Coast of NSW. It’s powered by the original 250ci straight six and 3-speed auto, but just about everything else has been modified. Be sure to get the full story when the magazine goes on sale.
Buy a print of this car: CLICK HERE

Oh, and if you’re wondering why Greg and his family are cozying up on a picnic blanket in a tunnel… we had a nice plan to shoot in a grassy park, but the dismally wet summer we had saw our shoot day compromised by torrential rain. Still looks cool though, right?

As always. we’ve got some great desktop wallpaper images of the car for you totally FREE and photogs can get the low down on our lighting setup and EXIF data on our Flickr page, too. Just CLICK HERE or on the thumbnails below.

Greg Pennell's XL Ford Falcon

Greg Pennell's XL Ford Falcon     Greg Pennell's XL Ford Falcon

Feature Car: Wayne Anthony’s Ford BA Falcon Utility

17 Oct

Featured in the same issue of Custom Utes magazine as our very first cover car, Ditch Jones’ yellow HR Holden, you’ll also find a feature shoot and story by Hosking Industries on Wayne Anthony’s wicked blue Ford BA Falcon ute, known as BAD 8. Powered by a 5.4L BOSS injected V8 and carrying a mother lode of audio and visual gear, Wayne’s ute was always destined for a a spot in a magazine.

We shot the Ford in the parking lot of Wayne’s local Autobarn store where he’s handed more than his fair share of cash and a big thank you goes out to those guys for blocking off access to their car park for a few hours. You can read all about the ute and Wayne’s love of Fords in issue 42 of Custom Utes.

For now, enjoy some FREE desktop wallpaper images of our selection of six shots by CLICKING HERE or on the thumbnails below (don’t worry, it’s just a link to our Flickr page – nothing sinister!). Enjoy!

Wayne Anthony BA Falcon Ute

Wayne Anthony BA Falcon Ute     Wayne Anthony BA Falcon Ute

Feature Car: Dean Robinson’s 1965 XP Falcon

12 May

Here’s a selection of images published in Street Fords magazine, issue 82 due on sale any day now. They’re of a beautifully restored and modified 1965 XP Falcon coupe belonging to Dean Robinson of Sydney, Australia. It runs a small-block Ford that lives in a wonderfully smooth engine bay and the leather trim is retains its ’60s classic aesthetic.

All images are lit with Canon Speedlite flashes. See individual images for specific lighting setups and visit Street Fords for more info on issue 82. All images in this set are available in 1280-resolution which should be big enough to use as a desktop wallpaper for most folks. You can view the entire gallery HERE.

Dean Robinson's XP Falcon

Dean Robinson's XP Falcon Dean Robinson's XP Falcon
Dean Robinson's XP Falcon Dean Robinson's XP Falcon