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Live Gallery: Steel Panther + Buckcherry + Fozzy @ Hordern Pavilion, Sydney – Dec 7, 2013

16 Dec

Steel Panther @ Hordern Pavilion, Sydney - Dec 7, 2013     Steel Panther @ Hordern Pavilion, Sydney - Dec 7, 2013

Steel Panther @ Hordern Pavilion, Sydney - Dec 7, 2013     Steel Panther @ Hordern Pavilion, Sydney - Dec 7, 2013 recently published our live photo gallery and review of Steel Panther’s headlining gig at Sydney’s Hordern Pavilion, on December 7, 2013. They were supported by fellow US bands Buckcherry and Fozzy. Read our review below and CLICK HERE or on the thumbnails above to check out 41 images from the show.

Steel Panther have graced Australian shores numerous times over the last handful of years, each time moving to larger and larger stages around the country. However, when we first heard about the mock-hair metal band’s move to Sydney’s Hordern Pavilion for their ‘Spread the Disease’ tour, we thought it might have been a little optimistic.

But arriving just in time to see first support act Fozzy take to the large Hordern stage, fronted by WWE wrestler Chris Jericho, with a line of people waiting to get into the venue that seemed to stretch on forever, it was obvious that filling the big shed would prove no problem tonight. With their southern-tinged brand of high energy rock ‘n’ metal, Fozzy easily whips the early punters into a frenzy of sweaty bodies despite the venue being half empty.


How-To: RAW Latitude When Shooting Live Music

11 Dec

Before and After - Live Music RAW Shot

When I first started shooting concerts with digital cameras, I was shooting exclusively in jpeg. I figured shooting RAW would add complexity to the post-processing sequence, reduce memory card size and just generally be a bit of a pain in the ass. To be frank, I must have gotten lucky in my first few gigs, because I did come away with some pretty decent shots – no doubt thanks to generous lighting sets on stage.

However, here in Sydney, we’re not exactly blessed with venues that boast healthy in-house lighting rigs. Unless you’re shooting big name bands all the time who are more likely to drag their own additional lighting with them from venue to venue, then you’re at the mercy of whatever lighting the venue already has, and that can be pretty woeful. So, I began getting more and more frustrated with what I was coming away from the shows with. But it wasn’t an entirely conscious decision to switch to RAW – it was actually an accident.