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Run Out Sale: All Remaining Eyetride Shirt Stock On Sale NOW

23 Nov

Most of you probably have no clue as to who or what an ‘Eyetride’ is. For the uninitiated, Eyetride (pronounced eye-tried) was a clothing company created by Hosking Industries founder Ben Hosking and family member Jane Hosking in the early 2000s. The business designed and sold funny shirts back when that business model was still something relatively new. Fast forward to today and only several dozen shirts remain; the business since closed down due to other business interests.

So basically, we’ve got four boxes of shirts stacked in the garage and they need to go! All remaining stock is now on eBay for below cost. CLICK HERE to check out the designs and grab one for yourself today!

We’re talking $12 a shirt here. All printed on quality Gildan 100% cotton tees, with all prints boasting rubberised inks that offer greater stretch and longevity without cracking. See these designs and more HERE.

The Liver is Evil

Blind Chicks Dig Me

Uncovered: The Truth to Twilight’s Success

01 Jun

The global phenomenon otherwise known as Tightlight has been captivating millions of girls and women of all ages for the last 18 months or so now. In almost equal numbers it has been confounding and annoying the males of the planet. Personally, we think it’s drivel.

TV personality Andrew G twittered this little gem of a video up┬áthis afternoon and we thought you all might like to share it with us. The clever and perceptive folks at Epipheo Studios and a group by the name of The Oatmeal put this video together using simple animation and monotone overdub. It tells us all what we probably already suspected, but is insightful and good ammunition for that next time you’re confronted by an annoying teeny bopper wearing an ‘I Heart Edward’ tee shirt.

You can thank us later.

Drag FAIL!: Rod Hadfield Almost Hits Starting Official in 1985

08 Apr

We found this on today and just had to show you.

The news piece reports that this video from the 1985 Nationals at Heathcote Park Raceway shows Rod Hadfield losing control of his ’32 Ford during a burnout on the start line, narrowly missing the starting official in the process.

We watched it a couple of times and couldn’t clearly hear his name mentioned, but we trust their judgement. Eitherway it’s a classic trip down memory lane and the official’s short-shorts are still representative of Heathcote’s safety policies even today! We kid.

Check this video out: