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Cover Shot: Gojira for Heavy Magazine

06 Feb

We just got the cover art for HEAVY magazine, issue 9, with our photo of French metal band Gojira on the front cover!

These photos were taken for another Aussie music magazine in 2012 and never run, mainly due to some poor planning and incompetence on their behalf (still a little bitter about it, after spending all day at the venue setting up, waiting and for nothing). I thought they’d never get run as a result, but here they are – AND on the front! Happy days! The Gojira guys were very polite and easy going. Amazing show, too. Be sure to catch them at Soundwave or with Mastodon and Baroness at the Sidewave in late Feb.

Gojira for Heavy Magazine - Issue 9


Live Photos: Mastodon + Gojira + Kvelertak @ Sydney’s Hi-FI Bar – March 1, 2012

04 May

A series of 40 images from Mastodon‘s gig at Sydney’s Hi-Fi bar at Moore Park on march 1, 2012 – shot for Australian Hysteria magazine. The concert was one of the many Sidewave shows happening as part of the huge Soundwave festival tour that rolled through town at the end of February 2012.

The band were supported by Gojira and Kvelertak. Hosking Industries was lucky enough to shoot some promo shots of Gojira before the gig. You can see the results HERE.

The venue was newly opened and the stage lighting was horribly dark through each of the three band’s sets, which was a shame. There were more shooters in the pit than I’ve ever seen and all were complaining about the darkness. CLICK HERE or on the thumbnails below to view and download.

Mastodon @ Sydney's Hi-Fi Bar     Mastodon @ Sydney's Hi-Fi Bar

Mastodon @ Sydney's Hi-Fi Bar     Mastodon @ Sydney's Hi-Fi Bar

Promo Shoot: Gojira for Australian Hysteria Magazine

07 Mar

Gojira Promo Shoot

I’d been wanting to get into doing band promo shoots since going freelance back at the start of 2010. While I hadn’t made much of an effort to get out there and drum up that kind of business, it was definitely something on my to-do list. Last week, I got my chance to dip a toe in thanks to the guys at Australian Hysteria magazine.

OK, so perhaps shooting an international band like Gojira (from France) is a little more than a ‘dip’ into the promo shoot waters! being my first band promo shoot and being a fan, I was pretty nervous about the shoot in the lead-up, so I made sure I wrangled in an assistant (thanks to Jackson for his time and help!)  for the day and got there early to check out the location and set up some lighting options and test them before the band got there.

I only used simple two-light setups for all these shots, taken in two different parts of the same location for different looks. I ultimately had the band’s attention for no more than 10 minutes, which I would assume is normal for this kind of shoot – but I got what I needed. I also got wrangled into shooting the band with their equipment for another section of the same magazine, which was cool. it also meant we got to watch Mastodon’s sound check while waiting for Gojira to arrive.

You can find lighting into on each image’s caption and be sure to check out an upcoming issue of Australian Hysteria magazine for the published shots when their new album comes out. Don’t worry, we’ll let you know when it gets published! CLICK HERE or on the image above to check out the shots. One of them is a FREE desktop wallpaper. Enjoy.