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Cover Shoot: The Chop Shop on Performance Garage

14 Oct

We had the pleasure of working with the guys at Gosford’s The Chop Shop once again, this time photographing the team for the cover of Performance Garage magazine. The issue it was published in came out last month.

We’ve uploaded a bunch of images from the shoot onto our Flickr page for anyone who wants a closer look or a FREE wallpaper version of the shot. Lighting and image information is also available for anyone interested in that sort of thing!

CLICK HERE or on the thumbnails below to see more.

The Chop Shop for Performance Garage

The Chop Shop for Performance Garage     The Chop Shop for Performance Garage

Cover Shoot: The Chop Shop on Performance Garage Magazine

30 Aug

Be sure to check out Hosking Industries‘ cover photo shoot with the guys from The Chop Shop in the latest issue of Performance Garage magazine. It goes on sale this week! The feature scored a whopping 13 pages! As always, we’ll bring you a few samples from the shoot, along with lighting information and EXIF data soon.

Performance Garage Issue 16

Feature Bike: Davo Voodoo’s Custom Honda Bobber

30 Aug

Issue 18 of Wild Aussie Choppers magazine (aka Australia’s Hottest Bobbers & Customs) is coming out soon and also features a shoot and story we did on Davo Voodoo’s wicked little Honda-powered retro-styled bobber. Davo runs Voodoo Tattoo on NSW’s Central Coast and bought this bike as an unfinished project at the 2011 Taren Point Rat Day, which is also where we first laid eyes on the stainless steel-framed machine.

It’s powered by a 600cc Honda engine and damages kidneys with a rigid frame and distinct lack of suspension in the seating area as well. To ensure everyone realises it’s got a stainless frame, Davo went for an unpainted look on the frame and matched that with a scuffed look on the tank and guard, where Davo nicely finished things off with his first ever automotive paint job. Be sure to read more about the bike in issue 18, when it goes on sale in September.

For now, enjoy six FREE desktop wallpaper images of the bike on our Flickr page by CLICKING HERE or on the thumbnails below. Strobist fans will also find our lighting and EXIF info there. Thanks to the guys at The Chop Shop for letting us shoot in their workshop.

Davo Voodoo's Custom Honda Bobber

Davo Voodoo's Custom Honda Bobber     Davo Voodoo's Custom Honda Bobber