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Feature Car: Shannon ‘Walt’ Robertshaw’s 1965 Ford XP Delivery

13 Mar

Also featured in issue 46 of Brute Utes & Vans is our feature shoot on Shannon ‘Walt’ Robertshaw’s retro-cool 1965 Falcon sedan delivery. We found Shannon and his Ford at the Taren Point Rat Day on a couple of occasions and finally picked up the phone and arranged a shoot. It’s certainly a mild custom, with only a short selection of nice modifications to make it a reliable and eye-catching daily without the need for engineer’s papers.

Powered by a stocker 170ci Ford six-cylinder up front, the delivery boasts plenty of pin striping and rodding stickers as well as the obligatory Mexican blanket, drive-in speakers and white wall tyres. He and his faithful companion can be seen cruising his native Central Coast (NSW) area all the time and we loved the laid back, old-school vibes this car dished out. Be sure to pick up a copy of issue 46 of Brute Utes & Vans when it goes on sale shortly.

We shot the Falcon in Shannon’s workshop using Canon Speedlite flashes and we’ve listed the lighting information on each image’s caption on our Flickr page as usual. You can read all that and download desktop wallpaper versions of the images by CLICKING HERE or on the images below. Enjoy!

Shannon 'Walt' Robertshaw's XP Falcon Delivery

Shannon 'Walt' Robertshaw's XP Falcon Delivery     Shannon 'Walt' Robertshaw's XP Falcon Delivery