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Wicked Wednesdays: FREE High-Resolution Hood Ornaments

20 Oct

OK, so this week’s textures aren’t exactly ‘textures’. They’re more like stock photos; but we figured all you design freaks out there could make just as good use of these as anything else we’ve given you to date! So here they are: six high-resolution automotive hood ornaments.

They’re from all kinds of classic vehicles: from early 1920s Chevrolet sedans and an early Holden to a 1930s Willys, 1930s Ford and a mid-1950s Ford as well. We can’t guarantee they all started on the vehicles they were photographed on, so for trainspotters, you may pick up some historical inaccuracies. However, for everyone else, we reckon these will prove to be a pretty interesting history lesson.

As usual, all our texture images are FREE for personal and commercial use, however resale, repackaging and redistribution are all prohibited. So don’t go using them on CD or DVD collections, web compilations or pass these originals off as your own.

Click on the thumbnails for the high-res experience:
Hood Ornaments Hood Ornaments Hood Ornaments Hood Ornaments Hood Ornaments Hood Ornaments