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Feature Car: Col’s HR Holden Ute

02 Nov

We had the pleasure of shooting Col’s incredible HR Holden utility early in 2011. It hasn’t seen the light of day in print yet, but we wanted to show you just how nice this old ute is. You can regularly see Col and the HR on show at car shows all over the greater Sydney area, including All Holden Day each year.

Powered by a nicely dressed small-block Chevrolet V8, the ute features a sweet red leather trim, large diameter billet rims and die-straight bodywork. Just to make things even better, Col says he’s now turning this same level of attention to another old Holden. Can’t wait to see that!

As always, you’ll find our photos on Flickr complete with EXIF data and lighting information, however only the detail shots used any artificial lighting. The exterior shots were all shot using nothing but Mother Nature’s wonderful lighting from above in the early morning. Sorry to all the strobist fans out there.


CLICK HERE or on the thumbnails below to view and download the wallpapers.

Col's HR Holden Ute

Col's HR Holden Ute     Col's HR Holden Ute

Feature Car: Mick Molloy’s Holden HQ Tonner

24 May

Hey! We just realised we hit the 300 post mark with our last feature car update! Hooray for us.

Anyway, Custom Utes issue 45 is due to hit the stands soon and contains a tonne of Hosking Industries feature car photography, feature stories and coverage of the 2011 Taren Point Rat Day. One of the feature cars inside is Mick Molloy’s sweet 1973 Holden HQ ‘tonner’, pictured here.

Powered by a hard-revving 327ci small-block Chev’ V8, the bright orange ute has been a collaborative effort between Mick and some of his employees, with the end goal to drag race the Holden and destroy tyres at the annual Summernats festival in Canberra. You can read all about the caged machine in issue 45 of Custom Utes, on sale soon.

While this was an outdoor shoot in full sun-to-light cloud, we still made use of our Canon Speedlite flashes and strobist fans will find lighting information on our Flickr page, as well as the usual EXIF data. CLICK HERE to view and download six FREE desktop wallpaper images!

Mick Molloy's 1973 Holden HQ Tonner

Mick Molloy's 1973 Holden HQ Tonner     Mick Molloy's 1973 Holden HQ Tonner

Feature Car: Sacilotto Family’s Holden EH Utility ‘CLASIC’

23 Apr

Here’s one from the archives… We originally shot the Sacilotto’s incredible EH ute, known as CLASIC, way back in the tail end of 2010. It finally sees the light of day in the upcoming Brute Utes magazine, issue 47, together with the story we wrote on the car. Drenched in custom mauve metallic paint and powered by an L67 factory supercharged V6 and 4L60E gearbox, it’s a refreshing combination of styles and parts that originally landed the car in the prestigious Top 10 at Summernats 21.

No matter where you look, this car oozes attention to detail and you can read all about it when issue 47 of Brute Utes goes on sale very soon. For now, sit back and enjoy some samples from our photo shoot, with all images available as FREE desktop wallpapers in 1680 resolution. Just CLICK HERE or on the thumbnails below to grab them for yourself and also to check out our lighting information and EXIF data, if you’re into that kind of thing.

Buy a print of this ute: CLICK HERE

Sacilotto Family's 1964 EH Holden Ute

Sacilotto Family's 1964 EH Holden Ute     Sacilotto Family's 1964 EH Holden Ute

Feature Car: Michael Symonds’ Holden VU SS

09 Mar

Brute Utes magazine recently published our photo shoot and story on Michael Symonds’ 2001 Holden VU SS, known as IM25US (I’m too suss, for the number plate illiterate). You can read all about Michael and his ute in issue 46 of the magazine, on sale very soon.

The ute’s LS1 engine makes a healthy 415rwhp thanks to some fine tuning by Sam’s Performance in Padstow, NSW. It’s clearly when things get more graphic that Michael’s SS really shines, with plenty of evil air brushed murals along the flanks and under the bonnet. The all-blue interior has to be seen up close to truly appreciate.

As always, we’ve got a selection of desktop wallpaper images of the VU for you to view and download FREE. While most of the shoot was done using ambient light, you can find lighting information and EXIF data on each image’s caption on our Flickr page. Just CLICK HERE or on the thumbnails below to check it all out.

Michael Symond's 2001 Holden VU SS

Michael Symond's 2001 Holden VU SS     Michael Symond's 2001 Holden VU SS

Feature Car: Ditch Jones’ HR Holden Utility

12 Oct

The publication of our photo shoot and feature story on Ditch Jones’ incredible Holden HR utility marks our first front cover, which makes us a little happy in the pants to be brutally honest. This selection of six images from the full shoot is just a sample of what you can expect to see in issue 42 of Custom Utes magazine, on sale right now!

Included in the set is a driving shot, the first ever published of this Summernats Top 10 show car. For some odd reason the magazine didn’t run any of the driving shots we supplied despite the story talking about it. Oh well, can’t win ’em all. Ditch’s HR has spent the last 12 months in the ‘shop having numerous modifications undertaken to the suspension and driveline that now allow the HR to be used for light cruising and you can read all about Ditch’s 20-year history with the car in the magazine.

Be sure to grab yourself FREE desktop wallpaper versions of the images by CLICKING HERE or clicking on the thumbnails below.

Ditch Jones' HR Holden Ute

Ditch Jones' HR Holden Ute     Ditch Jones' HR Holden Ute

Feature Car: Chad Darke’s EH Holden Ute for ‘Custom Utes’

29 Jun

A selection of images shot during a shoot for Custom Utes magazine (issue 40) on Chad Darke’s immaculate EH Holden ute. It runs a 336ci offset-ground stroker Holden V8 and features a sumptuous black leather interior that smells as good as it looks. You can download FREE 1280res desktop wallpapers of Chad’s EH on our Flickr page by CLICKING HERE.

Be sure to pick up a copy of Custom Utes to see more of it. You can visit their website here:

Any strobist information will be listed on the relevant image/s.

Chad Darke's EH Holden Ute

Chad Darke's EH Holden Ute Chad Darke's EH Holden Ute
Chad Darke's EH Holden Ute Chad Darke's EH Holden Ute