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Live Music: Tosin Abasi of Animals as Leaders in Premier Guitar Magazine

28 Mar

One of our photos of Tosin Abasi from Animals as Leaders performing in Sydney in January made it into the latest issue of Premier Guitar magazine!

Tosin Abasi in Premier Guitar - April 2014

Live: Steve Vai @ Enmore Theatre, Sydney – 15 July, 2013

24 Jul

Steve Vai @ Enmore Theatre, Sydney - 15 July, 2013     Steve Vai @ Enmore Theatre, Sydney - 15 July, 2013

Steve Vai @ Enmore Theatre, Sydney - 15 July, 2013     Steve Vai @ Enmore Theatre, Sydney - 15 July, 2013

Having had the pleasure of seeing Joe Satriani in concert at the Enmore Theatre in Sydney a few years back, one of the things left on our bucket list was to see Steve Vai: the very guy Ben played air guitar to throughout his younger years with Vai’s Passion & Warfare album cranking out of his boom box. That was officially ticked off the list on July 15, 2013, when Ben photographed and reviewed Steve Vai’s gig at the Enmore for You can read it below.

To see the images, CLICK HERE or on the thumbnails above.

In the sphere of instrumental music, few names stand as tall as Steve Vai‘s. With a career that really started to take off while under the tutelage of Frank Zappa and then a stint with both Whitesnake and David Lee Roth‘s band, his place in the pantheon of music icons was cemented with the release of his second solo album, ‘Passion and Warfare’, in 1990.

23 years later, Vai is still adding music to his catalogue as vital and urgent as any of his output in the ’90s. It was no surprise then, to find Sydney’s Enmore Theatre almost at capacity for the local leg of his tour in support of ‘The Story of Light’.

While there were perhaps more women and families in the crowd than this reviewer (and self-confessed Vai fan) would have predicted, the majority of punters were of the guitar-nerd persuasion. That’s OK though, given that there’s no more appreciative a crowd for this kind of music than the type that’s ready to air-guitar in public like no-one is watching.


FREE Wallpaper: Ibanez RGA121 Prestige Electric Guitar

11 Jul

I’ve been messing about with my new flash head a lot lately, shooting almost everything around the house from different angles and pointing the flash in different directions. Today I took a few shots of a couple of my guitars hanging up in my office.

You guys are the lucky ones, as I liked a few of the shots and turned one into a desktop wallpaper image that you can download for FREE! Just CLICK HERE or on the thumbnail image and you’ll be treated to a 1280×1024 wallpaper.

Just don’t go reselling, repackaging or redistributing the image. We break thumbs… seriously!

Painting with Light: Ben’s Guitars

17 Jun

Here’s an example of my work, using only a single LED torch as a light source. I lit each guitar individually before importing them into Photoshop and pasting all the different images together into one, perfectly lit image.

There’s actually one guitar missing, which is an Ibanez RGT42FX; currently getting some pickups changed.

Shown here is: ESP LTD SC607 7-string, ESP LTD V500, Ibanez RGA121 Prestige, Ibanez MTM1, Ibanez GR320 Ghostrider, Ibanez TC420 Talman and a Fender Strat copy that has been ‘Frankensteined’.

Shot on a Canon 7D with 10-22mm EF-S super-wide. 25sec @ f9.

FREE Wallpaper: Ibanez MTM1 Electric Guitar

15 Apr


Originally uploaded by HoskingIndustries

A photograph I took this evening using only a single LED torch as a light source. The image is of an Ibanez MTM1: the signature model for the lead guitarist from the band Slipknot.
25sec exposure at f18.
Image strictly copyright. No commercial use. Personal use is fine.


13 Apr


Originally uploaded by HoskingIndustries

I shot this image of my Ibanez Ghostrider 320 (GR320) back in 2000 or 2001 as part of a short course I did in processing black and white film. The frame and grain is all legit old-shcool film and processing techniques. I doubt I could still do it now without a refresher course.
For the guitar fans, the guitar is transparent red with creme binding on the body and neck. That’s a Seymour Duncan Livewire in the bridge position – and yes, both pickups work fine even though one is active and one is passive.

Free Wallpaper: Ibanez RGA121 Guitar – Light Painting Exercise

07 Apr

This is a photo I took of one of my guitars recently – an Ibanez Prestige RGA121.
Only light source was an LED torch using a 25sec exposure at f18. Shot on a Canon EOS400D with the kit lens.
The amplifier is a frankensteined Crate Vintage Club 212 50watt tube amp. It was a combo that I had separated into a head and closed-back cab.
Image strictly copyright. No commercial use. Private use recommended!
More images to come.