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Opinion Piece: Play Nice (Street Commodores Editorial Column)

02 Oct

This is the 18th in a regular series of editorial pieces we’ll be posting here on the blog, originally written by Hosking Industries’ Ben Hosking for Street Commodores magazine and other magazines he’s completed opinion pieces for. This column appeared in issue 184 of Street Commodores:

Play Nice (Written March 21, 2011)

I’m not religious, but do agree with the mantra of ‘treat others as you want to be treated’.

The recent catastrophes in New Zealand, Queensland, Victoria and Japan have really helped put things into perspective for a lot of people. Australians, for the most part, really haven’t had anything in the way of terrible hardship for at least two generations.

There has been no crippling depression, no civil unrest, no famine and no widespread disease and whilst our version of democracy is really a joke, it’s a far sight better than the dictatorships many other nations live under. Just look at the lethal struggle nations like Egypt and Lybia have undertaken to try and free themselves of oppression.