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Street Commodores Australia Day Cruise: Come Along!

21 Jan

Hosking Industries will be attending the 6th annual Street Commodores magazine Australia Day cruise on Wednesday, 26th January, 2011. We’ll be covering it for the magazine, with the words and photos appearing in a subsequent future issue.

If you’ve got nothing else on or can’t stand the thought of spending the public holiday with your loved ones, be sure to be come along and join in the fun – you might just end ups seeing your car in the magazine!

DATE – Wednesday 26th January, 2011
WHERE – Carpark P6F, Olympic Park, Homebush NSW
TIME – Meet at 9.30am for a 10.30 departure
DESTINATION – Thomas Dalton Park, Wollongong NSW

Click HERE for get more information or to register your interest (not mandatory to come along).

Street Commodores Australia Day Cruise

Wicked Wednesdays: FREE High-Resolution Brick and Tile Textures

19 Jan

It’s that time again, folks! Another weekly round of FREE high-resolution textures that will hopefully serve some purpose in a future design or graphic project. This week’s textures are of brick and tile surfaces, including a couple featuring mosaic patterns.

As usual, Hosking Industries Wicked Wednesday textures are FREE for personal and commercial use, however you may not redistribute, repackage or resell these textures or pass them off as your own. Use them in your artwork, graphic design projects or photography stuff. DO NOT put them together into a CD/DVD or online compilation and treat them as your own.

Click on (or right click and Save-As) the thumbnails for the full-resolution experience:
Free Brick and Tile Textures Free Brick and Tile Textures Free Brick and Tile Textures Free Brick and Tile Textures Free Brick and Tile Textures Free Brick and Tile Textures

Wicked Wednesdays: FREE High-Resolution Oil Paint Textures

12 Jan

Welcome back! This is our first Wicked Wednesdays texture extravaganza for 2011 and we’ve got a good one to kick off the new year. This week’s textures are all taken from oil paintings that my family members have created. They’re small sections of larger works, with incredible textures and colours that could be just the thing for your next design project or web design.

As usual, all Hosking Industries high resolution texture images are FREE for personal and commercial use, however repackaging and redistribution on other websites, DVDs, CDs or other mediums is prohibited. So don’t do it!

Click on the thumbs (or Right Click and Save-As) for the full resolution versions:
Oil Paint Textures Oil Paint Textures Oil Paint Textures Oil Paint Textures Oil Paint Textures Oil Paint Textures

20,000 Hits! Thanks for Coming and a Happy New Year!

05 Jan

20,000 Hits!
Thanks for all of you who’ve visited our site so far, helping to contribute to us reaching 20,000 hits. I know I’m looking forward to seeing how quickly we can reach 30,000. It seems like it was only the other day that we welcomed the news of the site reaching 10,000.

We’re expecting 2011 to be another big year for Hosking Industries and I hope that you’ll be with us for the journey. We’ll be developing and expanding upon our automotive photography business, including a push on framing and printing services. We’ll also be working to develop our portraiture and pet photography services among other things.

Cheers and thanks,
Ben Hosking