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Wicked Wednesdays: FREE High-Resolution Sydney Street Textures

28 Jul

Welcome to another enthralling installment of Wicked Wednesdays, here at! After a recent trip to the city (see more photos HERE), we were able to secure a raft of excellent new FREE high-resolution texture images for you all within the Sydney CBD.

You’ll find six very high-resolution textures taken from the streets of the city, including drain grates, stainless non-slip knob thingies and plenty more. We’re sure to have enough left over to bring you another set or two down the track, too!

As usual, all our texture images are FREE for personal and commercial use. However, we do not allow the resale, repackaging or redistribution of our textures by other parties. So don’t go passing them off as your own, compiling them into new collections or other cheeky stuff like that!

Click on the thumbnails for the high-res experience:
Sydney CBD Texture Sydney CBD Texture Sydney CBD Texture Sydney CBD Texture Sydney CBD Texture Sydney CBD Textures

Wicked Wednesdays: FREE High-Resolution Urban Textures 2

14 Jul

It’s been a while since we brought you the last batch of high-resolution urban texture images and we had plenty more excellent ones building up. So, here’s Urban Collection #2!

A collection of six high-resolution texture images of urban surfaces, like concrete, weather board walls, Armco guard railing, sidewalk plastic knobly things and a distressed timber wall surface. They’re all there, they’re all FREE for personal and commercial use and they’re all for you.

One thing we must insist on is that you don’t resell, redistribute or repackage our textures on another site, or other form of medium. Our hired goons will be onto you if you do!

Click the thumbnails for the high-res experience (you can also CLICK HERE to view the gallery):

A Look Inside: My Office

10 Jul

Ben Hosking's Office Ben Hosking's Office

I was messing around with my flash last night, taking some photos around the house after spending the day painting a couple of rooms. I shot this image of my home office with my Canon 7D and 10-22mm super wide-angle lens. There’s about five different shots in here to get the lighting how I wanted it; all melded together in Photoshop.

The guitars pictured are Ibanez RGA121 Prestige, Ibanez MMM1, Ibanez TC420 Talman and ESP LTD V500. The amplifier is a highly modded Crate Vintage Club VC50212 tube model.

This is where I spend most of my day writing, designing or working pics. The desk faces a large window that unfortunately faces a high Colorbond fence. We’ve plented a bunch of Murraya hedge plants outside the window that should grow to cover the fence and look much nicer.

Click the image to see the full size version.

Wicked Wednesdays: FREE High-Resolution Fabric Textures

07 Jul

It’s Wednesday again and we trolled through our expansive texture collections to find you all something new – something that we hadn’t brought to you before. This week, we’ve got six high-resolution fabric textures. They include denim material, a dish cloth, camo cargo shorts and even the fabric from a couple of lounges.

As usual, all our texture images are absolutely free for personal and commercial use, how we don’t permit you to resell, repackage or redistribute them anywhere else – or we remove fingers! Kidding… or are we? Yes we are… maybe.

You can CLICK HERE to go to the set on flickr, or hit the thumbs below for the high-res experience: