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Model Shoot: Kahli Winters for The Chop Shop

20 Sep

We’ve been picking up a few more private photo shoots over the last few months, which has proven to be a nice break from the magazine work. On this occasion, the guys at The Chop Shop in Gosford, NSW approached us about shooting a local model for some promotional posters and banners in the lead up to the 2012 MotorEx car show.

We’ll admit, when we first took on the job, we thought it was to shoot the model in front of their latest work truck – a mid-century Chev’ – first seen in all its glory at this year’s MotorEx. But as you could imagine, two weeks out from MotorEx and the truck was still unfinished. So, Laurie and Aaron rolled out their next personal project to be the centre of attention: an absolutely slammed 1972 Chevrolet truck. Oh, and then of course there was the gorgeous Kahli Winters posing for our camera.

The main shot you see here is a composite of around 15 images to get the lighting how we wanted it to look, while the other shots focusing more on Kahli are single shots. All use Canon Speedlite flashes and you can find the lighting information on our Flickr page by CLICKING HERE or on the thumbnails below. We’ve also got the main shot as a desktop wallpaper image, too!

Kahli Winters for The Chop Shop

Kahli Winters for The Chop Shop   Kahli Winters for The Chop Shop   Kahli Winters for The Chop Shop