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InFocus Australasia: Issue 12 Live NOW and Totally FREE!

14 Mar

Issue 12 of InFocus Australasia is out now FREE and includes interviews with young gun landscape shooter Dylan Fox and magical children’s photographer El Hogan, tutorials on understanding ISO, creation motion in still images and using luminosity masks in Photoshop to create pro-level landscape images. We also bring you an interview with Canon master and DSLR video specialist Abraham Joffe. There’s also plenty of new camera and accessory information as well as this month’s cover story on shooting live music.

If that wasn’t enough, there’s an image gallery of our favourite reader photos and we give you the chance to win yourself a Wacom tablet valued at $399. What are you waiting for? Download it now!


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Live Gallery: Korn + Rob Zombie + Mushroomhead @ Luna Park Big Top, Sydney – Feb. 24, 2014

13 Mar

Korn + Rob Zombie @ Luna Park Big Top, Sydney - Feb 24, 2014     Korn + Rob Zombie @ Luna Park Big Top, Sydney - Feb 24, 2014

Korn + Rob Zombie @ Luna Park Big Top, Sydney - Feb 24, 2014     Korn + Rob Zombie @ Luna Park Big Top, Sydney - Feb 24, 2014 published our image gallery and live review of the Korn and Rob Zombie double-header at Luna Park’s Big Top in Sydney on Feb 24, 2014 – supported by Mushroomhead. The show was a side show to the annual Soundwave Festival. CLICK HERE or on the thumbnails to check out our gallery of 38 images and read our review below:

What a freakin’ line up! Tonight’s Soundwave sideshow has sold out Luna Park’s Big Top and had punters lining up around the venue since 9am. It’s hardly surprising when you have Nu Metal legends Korn and comic super villain Rob Zombie headlining the same bill.

Opening tonight’s festivities are the masked crazies Mushroomhead. While their sound may not completely live up to their evil image, they offer an interesting three vocal assault, combining rap, screams and melodic vocals over a thickened bed of crushing riffs and soaring choruses. Tonight’s performance quickly whips up the early crowd, with all three singers launching into the crowd at one point.

This reviewer was on hand at the Hordern Pavilion many, many moons ago when Korn first toured this country. They band was a total revelation at the time, leading the way for an army of rip-off nu metal bands. The last time we saw them was on the ‘Life is Peachy’ tour, possibly also before some readers were out of nappies. So, it was with some excitement that we watched them stride onto the spacious Big Top stage to deafening applause and kick right into a career-spanning set that opened with an electric rendition of ‘Falling Away From Me’.


Live Gallery: Clutch + Don Fernando @ Metro Theatre, Sydney – Feb. 20, 2014

02 Mar

Clutch @ Metro Theatre, Sydney - Feb. 20, 2014     Clutch @ Metro Theatre, Sydney - Feb. 20, 2014

Clutch @ Metro Theatre, Sydney - Feb. 20, 2014     Clutch @ Metro Theatre, Sydney - Feb. 20, 2014 recently published our photo gallery and review of the Clutch sideshow at Sydney’s Metro Theatre, as part of the annual Soundwave cavalcade. Check out our 30-image gallery and read the review below. CLICK HERE or on the thumbnails above to jump to the gallery:

It begins… The first Soundwave Sidewave shows hit Sydney’s venues in earnest, with Maryland, USA nitro-charged rockers Clutch getting into the swing of things early at Sydney’s Metro Theatre. Supported by Melbourne four-piece Don Fernando, it’s the first time the rock royalty have visited our shores since 2010 and as vocalist/preacher Neil Fallon and his beard proclaim, “Let’s make up for lost time!”

Having not heard of Melbourne’s Don Fernando previously, it was a nice surprise to find that they more than lived up to their self-proclaimed status as being “tight as fuck, no bullshit”. The band’s taught, driving rock and roll grabbed the early crowd’s attention as they pummeled through a decent 45-minute set of four-to-the-floor tracks. Even their slower, more Kyuss-like moments lost none of the crushing energy of the faster numbers. Be sure to catch them at the Cherry Rock festival in Sydney in May.


The List: All the Bands We’ve Photographed… So Far

28 Feb

Live Music Photography    Live Music Photography

We were thinking that it may not be that easy to figure out what bands we’d photographed in concert via this blog. So, why not compile a list?! We’re up to 110 performances so far and each can be found by simply clicking on the band name (If the name isn’t hyperlinked, it means we haven’t uploaded the gallery yet – but it’s coming!):


Live Gallery: Helmet + Melvins @ HiFi, Sydney – Dec. 15, 2013

30 Jan

Helmet + Melvins @ Sydney HiFi - Dec 15, 2013     Helmet + Melvins @ Sydney HiFi - Dec 15, 2013

Helmet + Melvins @ Sydney HiFi - Dec 15, 2013     Helmet + Melvins @ Sydney HiFi - Dec 15, 2013

Oops! We totally forgot about our image gallery and live review from the Helmet and Melvins show at Sydney’s HiFi on December 15, 2013! being Ben’s favourite band of all time, it’s pretty hard to believe that one slipped under the radar. Originally published via, you can now find the image gallery in a larger resolution by CLICKING HERE or on the thumbnails below and enjoy the review!

We were shocked to see no line up for tonight’s show, just moments before opening time. There were literally 15 people waiting patiently in front of Sydney’s HiFi, with crowds of soccer fans streaming past at from Allianz Stadium wondering what these scruffy metal heads were doing out in public on a Sunday evening. Thankfully though, all this lack of early enthusiasm proved to be was a more mature, clever kind of music fan that clearly hates waiting in lines.

By the time Sydney’s own Nunchukka Superfly were around half way through their crunching set of jam-room super grooves the HiFi was more than half full – as if a couple of busloads of punters had miraculously all arrived at once. Their insistent, explosive riffing got the early crowd moving, with spasmodic, jagged physical contortions on stage reinforcing the powerful movements of the music. Be sure to look for the band’s forthcoming album “Open Your Eyes to Smoke” being launched at Valve on December 21 – their first since 2008.


Live Gallery: Steel Panther + Buckcherry + Fozzy @ Hordern Pavilion, Sydney – Dec 7, 2013

16 Dec

Steel Panther @ Hordern Pavilion, Sydney - Dec 7, 2013     Steel Panther @ Hordern Pavilion, Sydney - Dec 7, 2013

Steel Panther @ Hordern Pavilion, Sydney - Dec 7, 2013     Steel Panther @ Hordern Pavilion, Sydney - Dec 7, 2013 recently published our live photo gallery and review of Steel Panther’s headlining gig at Sydney’s Hordern Pavilion, on December 7, 2013. They were supported by fellow US bands Buckcherry and Fozzy. Read our review below and CLICK HERE or on the thumbnails above to check out 41 images from the show.

Steel Panther have graced Australian shores numerous times over the last handful of years, each time moving to larger and larger stages around the country. However, when we first heard about the mock-hair metal band’s move to Sydney’s Hordern Pavilion for their ‘Spread the Disease’ tour, we thought it might have been a little optimistic.

But arriving just in time to see first support act Fozzy take to the large Hordern stage, fronted by WWE wrestler Chris Jericho, with a line of people waiting to get into the venue that seemed to stretch on forever, it was obvious that filling the big shed would prove no problem tonight. With their southern-tinged brand of high energy rock ‘n’ metal, Fozzy easily whips the early punters into a frenzy of sweaty bodies despite the venue being half empty.


How-To: RAW Latitude When Shooting Live Music

11 Dec

Before and After - Live Music RAW Shot

When I first started shooting concerts with digital cameras, I was shooting exclusively in jpeg. I figured shooting RAW would add complexity to the post-processing sequence, reduce memory card size and just generally be a bit of a pain in the ass. To be frank, I must have gotten lucky in my first few gigs, because I did come away with some pretty decent shots – no doubt thanks to generous lighting sets on stage.

However, here in Sydney, we’re not exactly blessed with venues that boast healthy in-house lighting rigs. Unless you’re shooting big name bands all the time who are more likely to drag their own additional lighting with them from venue to venue, then you’re at the mercy of whatever lighting the venue already has, and that can be pretty woeful. So, I began getting more and more frustrated with what I was coming away from the shows with. But it wasn’t an entirely conscious decision to switch to RAW – it was actually an accident.


Live Gallery: Circles + Dawn Heist + Red Bee @ Bald Faced Stag Hotel, Sydney – Nov 9, 2013

18 Nov

Circles @ Bald Faced Stag Hotel, Sydney - Nov 9, 2013     Circles @ Bald Faced Stag Hotel, Sydney - Nov 9, 2013

Circles @ Bald Faced Stag Hotel, Sydney - Nov 9, 2013     Circles @ Bald Faced Stag Hotel, Sydney - Nov 9, 2013

We had the pleasure of finally seeing Melbourne modern metal band Circles perform in Sydney on November 9, 2013 at the Bald Faced Stag Hotel – supported by Dawn Heist, Red Bee and Beggar’s Orchestra. Below is our review of the gig and our image gallery or 35 photos, originally published on

CLICK HERE or on the thumbnails above to view the gallery.

Contemporary Australian metal was on show in a big way tonight at Sydney’s Bald Faced Stag Hotel in Leichardt. The small room has played host to a surprising number of high-profile acts over the last couple of years, including some of the last shows by Suicide Silence before Mitch Lucker’s untimely passing and a recent show by UK noise merchants Rolo Tomasi. Tonight, Melbourne djent exponents Circles hit the joint, promoting their debut full-length album, ‘Infinitas’.

Three other Aussie acts helped get the night’s proceedings underway, starting with local act Beggar’s Orchestra. The band kicks off to a pretty empty room, but thoroughly entertains the assembled group that clearly includes a large contingent of enthusiastic friends and fans with their unique mix of dynamic and dramatic songs. They’re good to watch, with some good stage presence and while the vocal harmonies get better as the set progresses, overall they’re a great addition to tonight’s line up.


Live: Steve Vai @ Enmore Theatre, Sydney – 15 July, 2013

24 Jul

Steve Vai @ Enmore Theatre, Sydney - 15 July, 2013     Steve Vai @ Enmore Theatre, Sydney - 15 July, 2013

Steve Vai @ Enmore Theatre, Sydney - 15 July, 2013     Steve Vai @ Enmore Theatre, Sydney - 15 July, 2013

Having had the pleasure of seeing Joe Satriani in concert at the Enmore Theatre in Sydney a few years back, one of the things left on our bucket list was to see Steve Vai: the very guy Ben played air guitar to throughout his younger years with Vai’s Passion & Warfare album cranking out of his boom box. That was officially ticked off the list on July 15, 2013, when Ben photographed and reviewed Steve Vai’s gig at the Enmore for You can read it below.

To see the images, CLICK HERE or on the thumbnails above.

In the sphere of instrumental music, few names stand as tall as Steve Vai‘s. With a career that really started to take off while under the tutelage of Frank Zappa and then a stint with both Whitesnake and David Lee Roth‘s band, his place in the pantheon of music icons was cemented with the release of his second solo album, ‘Passion and Warfare’, in 1990.

23 years later, Vai is still adding music to his catalogue as vital and urgent as any of his output in the ’90s. It was no surprise then, to find Sydney’s Enmore Theatre almost at capacity for the local leg of his tour in support of ‘The Story of Light’.

While there were perhaps more women and families in the crowd than this reviewer (and self-confessed Vai fan) would have predicted, the majority of punters were of the guitar-nerd persuasion. That’s OK though, given that there’s no more appreciative a crowd for this kind of music than the type that’s ready to air-guitar in public like no-one is watching.


Live Music: Karnivool @ Metro Theatre, Sydney – Dec 29, 2012

09 Jan

Lifemusicmedia recently published our live images and review of Karnivool’s Sydney show at the Metro Theatre on Saturday December 29, 2012. You can now read the review below and simply click on the thumbnails or CLICK HERE to go view all 37 images of Karnivool and their support act, High Tension.

Karnivool @ Metro Theatre, Sydney - Dec 29, 2012     Karnivool @ Metro Theatre - Dec 29, 2012

Karnivool @ Metro Theatre - Dec 29, 2012     Karnivool @ Metro Theatre - Dec 29, 2012

There’s little disputing Karnivool‘s place among the top echelon of Australian music. Their unique brand of progressive rock/metal has won them fans all over the world, including international music critics and renowned musicians alike.

However, the tardy Sydney crowd had this reviewer more than a little worried when four-piece support act High Tension took to the stage to a half-full Metro Theatre. Had Sydneysiders let one of Australia’s best bands down? Had we all fled the city for the Xmas holidays?

Thankfully it was not the case and as High Tension, led by their Eva Spence-style screaming front woman, ripped through their high-energy, fuzz-bomb of a set (only their third gig, apparently), the room continued to fill with eager punters. It’ll be good to watch this band continue to get more stage time together as their incendiary riffage will benefit from an even greater stage presence.

By the time Perth’s Karnivool take to the stage, the Metro is full to the back bar with enthusiastic fans. It’s truly heartening to see the venue packed for an Aussie band and the mood is largely happy and light-hearted with people clearly here to witness something special. Karnivool don’t disappoint, either.