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Feature Car: Mark Cirillo’s 1974 Holden LJ Torana

31 Dec

Mark Cirillo’s 1974 Holden LJ Torana was living in his dreams for almost 20 years before he got the chance to actually own it. Now that it’s his, Mark has restored the LJ Torana coupe – transforming it into his perfect aussie muscle vision, including a tough 355ci Holden stroker and Ford 9in rear end.

Incredibly, Mark was able to preserve the car’s decades-old paintwork and the use of the Mawer three-piece 13in rims just adds to to the retro appeal. Step inside Mark Cirillo’s 1974 Holden LJ Torana and the vintage theme continues thanks to the largely GTR-spec’ upholstery.

The car was featured in the November issue of Street Machine magazine.


As always, we’ve got a series of FREE desktop wallpaper images for you to enjoy. Simply CLICK HERE or on the thumbnails below to visit our Flickr page where all the goodies lay in wait for your visit.

Mark Cirillo's 1974 Holden LJ Torana
Mark Cirillo's 1974 Holden LJ Torana
Mark Cirillo's 1974 Holden LJ Torana

ALL ROUNDER: Willem Fercher’s LS7-Powered Holden LJ Torana

10 May

Willem Fercher's LJ Holden Torana


Street, strip and circuit: Willem Fercher’s incredible LS7-powered LJ Torana can do just about anything you want
Story and Pics by

Willem Fercher's LJ Holden ToranaEvery now and then we come across a car that makes our pulses race and our palms a little sweaty. While out and about covering the 2011 All Holden Day in Clarendon, NSW, we came across a vehicle that did just that. Welcome to Willem Fercher’s awesome LJ Torana coupe: a car that seems capable of doing just about anything you could want it to and doing it well. Cruising, straight-line racing or hitting the corners, this purple LJ can do it all. It’s even at home looking pretty at local car shows.

Willem, proprietor of Winmalee Car Care, built the car to be adaptable and to excel in no matter what discipline he was to choose down the track. As you’ll read later on, he took several clever steps to ensure that anything would be possible, allowing different combinations of driveline components to suit the task at hand.

Purchased in 2009, Willem informed us during the photo shoot that the car had actually had a previous life as a speedway car. Considering the die-straight ‘purrple’ bodywork the car boasts today, we almost fell over at the statement. However, given the car’s long life as a racer, its life today with Willem seems perfectly fitting.Willem Fercher's LJ Holden Torana

Underneath the machine Willem equipped the coupe with plenty to smile about, including a CRS chassis strengthening kit, tubular upper control arms and a complete VX Commodore trans’ tunnel. “I did that to make it easy to swap from a manual to an auto’,” Willem says. “I run a T56 for circuit racing and a Craig’s Automatics-built 4L65E for drag racing. It also uses the VX cross member in its original bolt holes.”

At the time of our shoot the car was set up for drag racing and had the auto’ fitted, including a steep 5200rpm stall. This backs up what is perhaps the centrepiece of the entire car: the LS7. The normally 427ci alloy monster was stroked out to 445ci thanks to a Callies crank and rods, with Wiseco pistons compressing a diet of E85 up against a set of ported alloy heads to the tune of 14:1 static comp’.

Willem Fercher's LJ Holden ToranaIf horsepower is created by burning air and fuel, then it’s no surprise Willem’s LJ makes 600rwhp and runs an “easy” 9.96sec ET. Mounted atop a ported Carey single-plane intake is a staggering 2000cfm Edelbrock throttle. Coupled with a meaty Comp Cams hydraulic roller boasting 0.700in lift, this engine can breathe some big air. Waste gases exit via a set of custom fabricated headers with 2in primaries, which is about all it runs when drag racing. For circuit work and life on the street, Willem bolts on a pair of extensions with a pair of mufflers to quiet things down.

“The car is street registered, it runs 9s and in circuit format it has been as high as a Top 4 spot out of 80 cars at the Bathurst hill climb,” Willem says, proudly. “We’ve also had it around Wakefield where it’s run a best of 1min 10sec.”

No matter where you look on this Torana, you’ll find gobsmacking attention to detail that is far beyond what you’d normally expect to see in a car built to race. From the artful stainless fuel lines under the car to the symmetrical fuel lines and centrally mounted regulator in the engine bay, everything has been carefully thought out and expertly executed.Willem Fercher's LJ Holden Torana

It’s the same inside the car, where things like the carbon door trims and delete plates have been neatly fettled into place. The extensive cage has been colour coded and contrasts nicely against the largely black cockpit. Sparco Sprint buckets are the only chairs in here, with the rear bench deleted to make way for the cage and to save weight. It’s not all about forgoing comfort for speed however, with the cabin and boot space extensively covered in sound deadener to keep in-car noise as low as possible. Hell, the front half even boasts nice, fresh black carpets.

Willem is no stranger to late-model power plants. He previously owned a daily-driver VZ Commodore with a 427ci stroked LS3 that ran 10.8sec and the LJ’s recently completed stable mate is a circuit-racer VK HDT mock-up that also runs a stout LS7. “With the LJ currently set up for drag racing, I want to get it back to the track,” Willem says. “I’d like to explore 9.5-9.6sec ETs. It did the 9.96sec easily. We just needed more setup time.”

Owner: Willem Fercher
Colour: ‘Purrple’
Bodywork: GT-R spoiler
Engine Type: 445ci LS7
Engine Mods: Callies 4.1in crank, Callies rods, Wiseco pistons (14:1-comp’), Clevite bearings, ported alloy heads, PAC springs and retainers, ASE breather tank, Comp Cams hydraulic roller cam’ (0.700in lift, 270˚ duration), chromoly pushrods, Yella Terra 1.8:1 roller rockers, ARP head and mains studs, JP timing chain, Moroso oil pan, Meziere electric water pump, PWR alloy radiator, SLP oil pump, 2000cfm Edelbrock throttle body, K&N filter, ported Carey single-plane intake, stock relocated coils, GM rocker covers, VZ LS1 ECU, twin Bosch 044 pumps, Turbosmart FPR, 3L surge tank, 60L fuel cell, custom stainless fuel lines, Speedflow fittings
Power: 600rwhp (447rwkW), 9.96sec @ 133mph
Exhaust: Custom headers (2in primaries), twin 3in mild steel exhaust, ‘race’ merge collectors, muffler extensions fit for street and circuit
Gearbox: 4L65E, 5200rpm Circle D stall
Diff: 9in, 31-spline axles, Strange 3.5:1 final drive, Strange full-spool
Brakes: 326mm front rotors, 300mm rear rotors, 6-piston VTTR calipers, Carbon ceramic pads, Tilton pedal box
Suspension: King front springs, Koni front shocks, tubular upper front control arms, rear coil-overs, Selby rear sway bar, modified steering, Castlemaine chassis kit
Wheels/Tyres: 18in Oz 3-piece rims (8in front, 10in rear), A048 Yokohama tyres
Other mods: Mini tubs, battery relocated to rear, VX Commodore trans’ tunnel and gearbox cross member
Interior: Momo steering wheel, 100mm boss, Sparco Sprint buckets, deleted rear bench, carbon fibre door trims and under dash panels, RCI harnesses, B&M Pro Ratchet, full cage, chequer plate floor panels, sound deadener throughout, black carpets
Stereo: Carbon fibre blocking plate
Build Period: 12 months
Cost: Undisclosed
Thanks: Winmalee Car Care, Craig’s Automatics, Diff Technics, Wholesale Suspension, Fibremaster, Bond Rollbars, Duspeed, Oz Wheels, ASE, Compton Excavation, Blaxland Auto Electrics

Feature Car: Willem Fercher’s LJ Holden Torana

02 Jul

Issue 46 of Xtreme Holdens is due on sale any day now and boasts our photo shoot and feature story on Willem Fercher‘s insane LJ Holden Torana inside and on the cover. Powered by an LS7 and featuring a tonne of flawless fabrication work, this machine is just as at home on the quarter mile as it is on the twisty stuff.

Willem’s LJ is a genuine 9sec street car, with a best ET of 9.96sec @ 133mph recorded so far. Making 447rwkW, this LJ is perhaps one of the most impressive Toranas we’ve ever seen. it’s certainly the best we’ve ever had the pleasure to photograph and we urge you to check out the extensive 9-page feature spread on the car in Xtreme Holdens when it goes on sale this month.

As always, we’ve got six FREE desktop wallpaper images of the car for you over on our Flickr page. Just CLICK HERE or on the thumbnails below to view and download those. Photography fans will find our lighting information and EXIF data there, too.

Buy a print of this Torana: CLICK HERE

Willem Fercher's LJ Holden Torana

Willem Fercher's LJ Holden Torana     Willem Fercher's LJ Holden Torana

Feature Car: Chris Milburn’s LJ Holden Torana Sedan

25 Jul

A selection of six images from a photo shoot and feature story Hosking Industries did on Chris Milburn’s sweet LJ Holden Torana sedan for Xtreme Holdens magazine in Australia. The feature appears in the latest issue of the magazine, number 38, on sale now.

As you can see from the images, Chris’ LJ runs a nice Holden six cylinder engine with triples and sounds angry thanks to an aggressive cam profile. The entire car has been rebuilt from the ground up and you can read all about it in Xtreme Holdens.

You can download desktop wallpapers of each of the images we’ve uploaded by CLICKING HERE or on each of the images below. Strobist information is available on each image’s caption for anyone interested.

Chris Milburn's LJ Holden Torana

Chris Milburn's LJ Holden Torana Chris Milburn's LJ Holden Torana

Feature Car: Ray Tyler’s LJ Torana Coupe

16 Jul

A selection of five images from a photo shoot we did on Ray Tyler’s 1972 Holden LJ Torana coupe that has been built as a circuit racer. It appeared in issue 5 of Holden Horsepower magazine in July 2011.

Powered by a hot six-cylinder Holden engine, the car boasts a full roll cage, race seats and plenty of camber. The car had not been raced or dyno tested at the time of publication, but the AVGAS-fed beast was due to hit the track soon. I remember it being quite an angry, cammy and temperamental machine on the day of the shoot.

All shots were lit with Canon Speedlite flashes and there is strobist information on the individual shots for anyone interested.

You can download FREE desktop wallpapers by CLICKING HERE or on the thumbnails below:

Ray Tyler's LJ Torana

Ray Tyler's LJ Torana Ray Tyler's LJ Torana

Feature Car: Adrian Coulter’s LJ Holden Torana

02 Jun

A selection of images from a shoot recently published in Xtreme Holdens magazine, issue 37 which is on sale any day now. It was shot in an industrial area near Newcastle, NSW Australia in late 2010.

You can download these images in 1280-resolution to use as a desktop wallpaper on your computer by clicking on the images below. They’re FREE for personal use; otherwise they’re strictly copyright.

CLICK HERE or on the images below to see them bigger:

Adrian Coulter's LJ Torana

Adrian Coulter's LJ Torana Adrian Coulter's LJ Torana